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Fire or Earth Pandawa for a Newbie?

By JamylPogi December 17, 2013, 12:14:43
I need help choosing from Fire Pandawa or Earth Pandawa. I will probably play solo, and PVM but will also play in party in case of invitation. Im also leaning to mid-late game.

Additional favor, could you also list the pros and cons for both type.
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Fire Panda has great AoE, the ability to position enemies for that AoE, easy access to Backstab, and a +20% final dmg passive. Fire Panda can also use their barrel as an anchor to teleport around and kite.

Earth has to carry the barrel around to use it's main attacks. This has the advantage of building a steady amount or merry to increase your damage% each turn. As your merry increases some of the spells add some nice bonuses, res, lock, etc. Earth also has good short range AoE. Earth attacks stack dizzy on opponents while damaging them. This will reduce the targets resistance letting your whole team do extra dmg to those targets.

I play a Fire/Water panda because I prefer the advantages dual element provide. Earth is tough to dual with because while carrying the barrel you can only use earth spells.

Overall, i would just choose one and start playing. There will be a significant revamp to Panda next year, February maybe. I except a lot to change about the class.
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