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Need help with Water Pandawa

By Nhysk November 19, 2013, 02:28:43
Hey guys, I make this topic because I need some help in game.

I started playing Wakfu just a few days ago, and it’s not a easy game, there is so much to learn. Well, I’m now playing as Pandawa’s class. First I run earth + strength into a AOE damage, but that didn’t work, so I got level 30 and reset my points. I decided to move to a Water Pandawa, I search here for builds and stuffs, but I still confuse about some things.

First, let me show how I am now, ...

1 – When I reset my points, I got 150 points, so I think: why not spend in +1 AP? But then I thought that it would be better spent some points in Chance, something about 50 points. Do you think it is ok or should I spent less or more?

2 – How much AP I need to play?

3 – In specialties I choose to master Karchamrak first because I love throw things, and water Pandawas need to throws his barrels right? Then Barrel, why? Because I need to spend less AP when cast barrel. Am I right? Or should I’ve go for Barrelhop or Bamboozie?

4 – So what I’m saying is: How should a spend my points?

5 – A loved Water skills, damage é pretty good, range is fine. AOE with barrel é pretty cool, so I focus on Milky Breath because of damage. Milk Fountain is fine too, but I guess that’s more for the CC.

6 – My equips sucks, I just got Subscribe today (when I’m writing this post), all my equips were from dungeon drops like Baron hat, Zinit Cape, Larva boots etc. Now a friend show me Gobbal set, I’m using because it give to me +1 AP and I think this is pretty good. What equips should I use?

7 – I’m level 30 right now, what can I do in game? All I’ve done until now was just rush Larventura, get level 30, help my guild with guild points an stuff.

Thanks for helping me, sorry for bad English.
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Well, the fact that i know - it doesn't matter what character or build you play, but first 150 stat points are always must be spent for +1 ap asap.
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