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Earth Panda Leveling & Specialties Help?

By Kunkora November 16, 2013, 10:45:02
Just recently got back into playing Wakfu and I really really enjoy the Earth tree of Pandas and I love the burst of damage you get from blowing through your WP all at once.

However, because I picked damage over tankiness, my panda is extremely squishy and I can't solo many groups of anything to level without resting for 5 minutes to heal up. I've tried making bread, but I can only get enough for about 1 hour of grind, and it's just not working.

Any tips on where to level and maybe how you can kite the enemies? I can sometimes kite kraloves around with ease but it really depends on the area, and even those have pretty nasty exp.

Currently my build is
Level 75
1 AP
1 MP ( I know i shouldn't have this, I didn't mean to stat it)
8 Crits

+ Treechnid set which boots my AP up to 8 and my MP up to 5
Weapon is a Steam Shovel
My earth damage tops out at 148% out of battle.
HP is 738 out of battle

My specialties are:
Max Kachamrak, Barrel, Barrelhop, and Milky Instinct

For tankiness I was thinking of maxing Master of Merriment next to recover HP while I grind, but I also want to be able to support others which I hear pandas can excel in.

Any tips/general info would be greatly appreciated.
Feel free to add me in game on either Recap, or Ikke.
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Foggernauts "fogginator" has a much better overclocking damage mechanics.
Does it make sense to think about something serious? Pandas in December will revamp.
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They will revamp feca instead in December , they said in letter to community.

for most class ,to avoid get hit = kite = get ini/range/mp up so MP is a good choice for kite panda. I play tri element panda , stat 2 MP 1AP 1 range and then the rest go to crit tongue

0. if you go first you don't have to stay in contact and you can run later without risking lock.

1. for earth panda keep 6 ap to do Blisskrieg last and then run just out of enemy's range. they will follow you but 1 cell short to hit you. then you walk in and hit and bliss again. require the study on each monster a bit.

2. the other way to kite is to throw barrel and get monster next, throw them behind barrel then walk away, this will waste them 3mp more to walk back to same spot compare to the one without barrel in the way. barrel will also block LoS on range monster and kite them close to you if you know how to hide under barrel. but you will not holding your barrel if you do this kite.

3. and sometime instead of walking , you throw barrel far and hop out. but make sure you are not stabilized.

when you go to tank,make sure you do dizzy to enemies and have max milky instinct.

since you are wearing tank set, you will get hit first for low initiative.start the fight far if you are last so monster will walk to you.

You cant kite monster that have 3 mp more than you(can but barely, you will have to use AP and WP to kite this kind of monster) or very long distance monster. they will kite you instead. you will want to avoid this or change playing style when have to face them.
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