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Master of Merriment Buged?

By Nevorlast September 22, 2013, 18:03:29
Hello my pandawa lvl 23, since then I've been noticing that the master of merriment did not cure me, the magic is at level 9, can help me?

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At level 9 it heals 2% HP per 44 lvls of Merry. You have it at 30 lvl there. It seems that it triggers after reaching 44 lvl, because technically it should heal you for 30/44*0,02*252 and thats around 3 HP healed. You should try again with Merry higher than 44, I'm sure that it works ^^
Score : 40
I understand, but 3 hp would not be too little? it needs a bufff ...
Score : 3138
In a hypothetical situation where you have the skill at lvl 20, and you reach lvl 100 Merry it heals you for 25 (with your current HP). I think it's not underpowered; pretty great for short fights.
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