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Pandawa: Incadescent Milk

By Masque-De-Mystique September 12, 2013, 22:10:05
does this passive give at lvl 20 20% damage or does it do +20% in dizzy targets?
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Hey there!
Incadescent gives 20% final damage to pandas fire abilities. Its second effect is that you gain a debuff depending on what level of dizzy you have on the target. For example: If you have lvl 50 dizzy on the target and you attack that target with a fire spell, you will get lvl 50 incadescent which does 8 fire damage (Just click the buff). And if you hit it twice, you can get it to lvl 100 incadescent and that does 15 damage. This specialty has two effects, hope this helped.

- Stylia
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