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Earth Pandawa Questions

By kOfWa August 31, 2013, 18:05:19
First of all I realize this thread is probably redundant in title, but I didn't want to hijack anyone else's thread. Anyway, I'm pretty new to Wakfu and have some questions about building my pandawa. Is it okay to skip barrel and max bottomless barrel instead? Every time I use barrel I immediately pick it up. That's 3+1 AP. If I max barrel and lower the cost to 2(+1) AP, there isn't really a benefit I can see. All the skills I use are even numbers in AP cost so that extra AP would just go to waste wouldn't it? This is assuming since I stated 1 AP, I will have 10 AP later and maybe 12 with merry.

Should I stat an MP or no? Merry gives me one and my skills really aren't that MP heavy. After that, I'm torn between strength and block. Is it worthwhile to level them up together half and half or do you pretty much need to go all in to get the benefits from either? I want to be able to tank for my other two friends, (cra and eni) but still be able to do enough damage to keep soloing from being tedious.

I'm told you should level the other elemental skills a little for resistances, but I'm not sure how much I can while still keeping my main four earth skills at max level.

On average, how much lock per level do you need to be consistent?

For support skills I'm maxing Karchamrak, Bottomless Barrel, Milky Instinct and Barrelhop for sure. Afterward I can't decide between Master of Merriment and Aggressive Barrel. With maxed Milky Instinct will Bottomless Barrel be enough on it's own or will I need to get both it and Barrel to keep up?
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Hello there!
First of all, answer is no. -1ap cost to any spell is not a waste. At the start it might look that way but later on when you get 10ap base its pretty much 2ap barrel, 1ap bamboozle, 1ap karchamrak and you're quite ready for your first turn with 6ap which can result into a blisskrieg or any other combo you want to go for. On top of that, leveling barrel increases your quartz count and believe me, they run out quite fast. And if your quartz vanish faster and faster, you're just going to have more 'first turns' in a middle of the fight where you'll end up wasting more ap and time.

About mp, honestly, I would stat it only once but that's just because of my experience and combat style. Its not about spells being mp heavy, its more about positioning, movement, flexibility ...

About the points, people often ask this and I very often tell them to just decide the way they want to play. If you stat str, you get damage and earth res, but if you stat block you have a chance to get a 30% raw damage reduction which I simply love. I'm personally playing with 78% block total and its amazing. Yes your damage is crippled a little but your survivability is just amazing. In pvp if your opponent crits and you block, you reduce his damage to a bit below a normal hit.

As for other elemental skills, yes it is true. And pretty much if you have a lvl 100 skill in earth and you downgrade it to 98 its going to give you about 15-20 levels of WHOLE water or fire branch .. So you don't NEED to have your whole earth element maxed, just need 2-3 spells on a reasonable level and then put fire and water branches to 30-40 and you got yourself a free 40% resistance to fire & water.

Lock, you can always get equipments with block, don't need to stat it.

If you go Karchamrak, Bottomless, Milky and Barrel hop, I'd suggest you level up barrel and bamboozle after that. Mom is totally horrible, heals you for the total of 30% hp from your 0-100 merry state. Its a very weak specialty and not as good as it sounds to be .. Aggressive barrel, kinda the same as Mom, barrel has to get hit in order to reflect, you will hold the barrel all the time and your only way of reflecting is through milky instinct. As I said, go Barrel & Bamboozle and after that put the rest into aggressive barrel.
Bamboozle might seem 'bad' but it really aint, helps you rush merry and helps you dizzy everything around you for milky instinct (Target(s) must be dizzy in order to block) and it rushes -resistance on the enemy. There will be a lot of times where you let go of the barrel, its not all about picking it up and forgetting how to drop it. Panda is a support class and its just down to how you want to support.

Hope this helped a bit x)

- Stylia
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Thank you for the replies!

So part of my question about what points to stat was wondering if it was okay to go half str and half block. Do you need to go all in either to benefit from them? Since this game doesn't have a sure way of controlling aggro, I don't feel comfortable going full survivability stats even if my goal is to tank.

Do I need to worry about leveling resists in other trees while leveling or is that more of an end game thing? If I do, then around what fraction should my off-elements be of my maxed skill levels? If I need to pick two to three skills to keep the highest, which of my current four do you think I can drop down? Currently Tripple Whammy is my only unmaxed skill since I just rarely use it for positioning and it currently is inconvenient to use AP cost wise.

I wasn't asking about stating lock, I was just generally curious how much lock (from gear) I'd need to be effective for each level. I guess a better question would be, how much dodge do monsters have per level about?

So when I first saw bamboozle I just completely wrote it off as outside of my playstyle since I'm not really into rushing merry. I guess you could say I'm worn-out shy. I never thought of using it to keep up merry when I have to drop the barrel. Then I will have much more opportunity to throw things around. Thanks for the tip! Also, you recommended 6 skills. With the current cap, can I max 6 skills?
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Hey again!
Going half - half might not be as effective because block wont work if you dont block ofc. So if you wish to fully tank, I would say go 25 block and put the rest into str.

Dont worry about resists on early levels, once there is a spell exp restat you can just fix your abilities on lvl 100++

I'd drop whammy and acid, I personally dont like the way acid works but it can be quite good aoe. So either acid or bash barrel gets dropped.

About lock, every mob is quite different and you'll see as the time goes. Dont worry yourself with it tbh.

And no, there is no threat mechanic but there is AI manipulation where you can force mobs to attack you. Example: Carry a target with low resistances with karchamrak and boss/mobs will prefer to go for you because its 2 targets on one tile and 2nd persons resistance is much lower. You'll learn AI of mobs through experience but this tip is a good start to be honest.

And yes you can max 6 skills, even more due to lvl 140 being the new cap. Can just count it as, every specialty takes 20 levels so.. lvl 140 can have 7 specialties maxed.

- Stylia
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How do you feel about dropping whammy and pandawhack? Pandawhack does less damage than lactic acid and isn't AoE or ranged like lactic acid. I like the skill a bunch, but I like it for its +resists, not it's damage. Why do you not like lactic acid? For me it's one of the most useful shaped AoEs I've used since it's shaped in an x and not a plus. It's much easier to keep allies out of it.
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Just gonna jump in and say pandawack is awesome, you can boost your res like crazy in a pinch.
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It is awesome, but the +resist capability does not increase upon level up.
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I don't like acid because all earth pandas use it xD
And well, +resist does not increase upon level up but its ALWAYS good to have +resist. So if you use a low level pandawhack you'll do no damage at all instead of holding high res and doing truck loads of damage. One of my earth combos were pretty much blisskrieg into backstab and pandawhack right after. Tends to do quite a lot of damage, and well, once you get higher on merry and 12th AP, you can throw the barrel behind the target, barrel hop, pick it up, pandawhack backstab and do a backstab blisskrieg and thats going to hurt quite a lot considering both spells have insane amounts of damage.

Personally, acid has no real benefit to the team .. It doesn't buff you in any way, all other spells do (Except whammy) and yeh .. Just my own opinion. These are the choices that are down to your own play style. There is no - THE BEST - build, there is just a build that suits you the best as a player.
Test things around, see what you enjoy doing and stick to it! Cant go too far off wink

- Stylia
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