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Need some earth panda advice

By Gatamorr August 24, 2013, 22:12:18
Hi guys
I play Earth panda but i was gone from the game for quite some time and when i came back i sorta screwed up my free respec... i think!
i just put all my points in str and with the new respec in a few days id like to fix my spec
Im thinking for going +1 ap then putting the rest in block or str but im not entirely sure what would be best,
Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
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Well in my opinion 10 ap is key for earth, it allows nice combos with all your spells and lets you build to 12 with merry. So if you dont have 10 ap thats my advice. After that i would just dump into strength.
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Hey there!
You're far from screwing your points, if you placed +1ap and rest into str, thats just as good. Full block allows you to be very, very tanky but full str boosts your damage by miles really.

Also, there is no 'best' option. It comes down to your own opinion really.

- Stylia
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