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The perks of being a water pandawa.

By ValiunDovale March 28, 2013, 12:22:32

I'm leveling a water pandawa and I'm liking. Currently at lvl 21
I need some advice to proceed my journey.
Skills that i'm leveling.
Milky Fountain: Nice damage range and aoe. with our without the barrel but -1 mp is sad sad
Bubble Trouble: Nice aoe on the Barrel, And i can use it with my Fountain but the mp cost hurts some times.
Milky Wave: I like this one but, can i have 12ap in the end game ? or should i go for Milky Fountain instead ?
The Specialties.
Leveled Karchamrak to 9
Leveling Barrelhop for merry administration and mobility (lets run from the angry Gobbal War Chief)
Currently Farming the Tofu set for %water damage *-*
Thanks for all the advice wink

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My Water Panda is PvE support first and DPS second. Stated 1 AP, 2 MP, 5 crit, 7 kitskill (if i ever get hushed set). I run an 8 AP and 8-9 MP build depending on boots I wear. With all this mobility I still consider stating a range.

Milky Fountain > Bubble Trouble > Milky Breath. I find all three useful and leveling them all wouldn't hurt. Don't worry too much about all the MP cost spells. They inflict very nice dmg and have good range. Just have one spell that doesn't require it leveled as backup.

I've never actually tried Milky Wave for one reason. It seems like great AoE dmg but it costs WP. I need all of my WP to barrel hop and bamboozle.

Karchamrak > Barrel > Barrel Hop > Milky Instinct. I took Bamboozle to 1 AP (lvl.8?) and the rest into Aggresive Barrel. I'm not a big fan of those last two but I don't think i have many good options.

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