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In light of new events...

By ArkOfFate April 01, 2012, 21:09:55
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Bringer|2012-04-04 00:01:00
Have you tried stacking backstab damage stuff? Thats how air sacs used to work.
They removed quite a bit of backstab damage. The majority of it (from what I've seen) is in mid-level fire/water gear.

Air Sacrier are gimped in damage because they're not supposed to be dealing heavy damage in the first place. Ankama has failed to capitalize on the argument that air Sacrier are manipulators because there's no need for manipulators right now; not that they're underpowered.

If Ankama actually listened to the beta testers from years ago, they'd have changed the system for enemies to have more health/resistance. On top of having low amounts of both of these, most enemies have no supportive abilities; they're simply damage or damage/support in the same attack. The issue with air Sacrier isn't that they're underpowered, it's that they're just kind of useless right now.

Since this argument just goes in circles from what I've seen, I'll just end my opinion with this:

I'm sorry you picked Sacrier because you saw air Iop and Cra work things over. I'm sorry you spammed a skill constantly to maximize a specific type of game-play. I'm sorry that you're level 80+ from constantly farming Boo using one, specific spell.

But I'm not sorry you didn't see it coming. It's your own fault for capitalizing on something like that without taking the time to realize how to play the element so you didn't have to respec later on in the game.

Just my two cents.
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Bringer|2012-04-04 00:01:00
-colorado-|2012-04-03 22:42:26
by insisting that air is still viable.

Have you tried stacking backstab damage stuff? Thats how air sacs used to work.

Find me good equipment with backstab that's significantly better then my current equipment of crobak set, nokes cape + amulet, crazed shepherdess helm, and elite riktus ring + shoulders and I'll think about it... oh wait there isn't any.

My air sac consists of me using attraction and transpo so that the air cra I play with can one round groups. He's useless in boss fights compared to other classes, and underwhelming in groups with no AoE damage dealers. Your single round dps even with good gear is average at best.

He is also terrible for farming and soloing with the terrible regen changes.

Exactly why I now have a 54 fire enu that took me a week to level. He farms better, I have a pet with 50% of my hp, that does 40 damage a round, all of my resists, and I can summon him 6 times a battle. I also critted 2 enemies (since you know, other classes have AoE besides light speed) last night for 200+ damage at level 54 with a level 39 skill. It's also very easy to kite dumb enemy AI with a pet you control which means no downtime. 2/3 skills can AoE (both with different areas and ranges so you have the option of covering more area then Light Speed), and the 3rd one is single target for very nice damage.

Air sacs in general are just underwhelming now, they do average damage, they don't tank any better then other classes, and basically they're the attraction/transposition whores which is great if you never feel like soloing or fighting bosses.
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