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Earth/Air Sac...How to gain Angrrr at a decent rate?

By Teyrus February 15, 2012, 03:52:28

I know I can max Angrrr and was gonna do that anyway, but what about after I've spent Angrrr on an attack or two. How do I get it back at a decent rate without using Fire?

Or am I pretty much forced to use Fire no matter what?

or say maybe I switch to Air spells until my Angrrr builds back up and then go back to the Earth spells again? is that feasible at higher levels(my Sacrier is nooby level right now).

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imo, just wait for the patch which should make earth sacs "Tankier".

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I feel if the classes where designed "right" you would use all three of your trees to complement each other.

The Sac is probably one of the closest classes to actually achieve this.
Fire should mainly be used to build rage, and once you have the rage, earth should be used for a power hit, with air giving field control to ensure your always where you need to be.

But thats just how I feel. If thats how the devs want it, I have no idea.

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The Sacrier spell trees are set up in a very symbiotic way indeed. And the way that they are all very useful and complimentary makes knowing which ones to level kind of hard. Fire helps with angrrr and earth uses it while air manipulates the field. All great things.

The only problem is that the way spell xp is split up using all of them will seriously gimp your character.
Generating Angrrr is fairly easy when grouping and using sacrifice on your team mates. Then every turn u can use your earth spells to angrrr dump and get it all back.

Also Death Sentence helps quite a bit with both angrrr generation and a refund of angrrr used upon killing target.

Most sacriers dont use sacrifice or frown upon it becuase it isnt a damage boost or a HP boost. But really, Its an Angrr boost and GREAT group utility!

With all of the changes to the way earth will be sued its hard to say what to do now. Even fire got changed a bit and motion sickness will now be in the air tree instead of in the specialty section.

If you get sacrifice to level 3, which is only 3 levels worth of points. it costs 2 AP and 1 WP had a range of 5 and lasts for 5 hits. I like to sac 2 people in my group and use Blood Thirsty Frenzy. Yea you arent doing any damage that turn really but you are setting up an angrrr battery for yourself to then use whatever earth spell you deem fit on the next turns. Then just renew sac when it wears off and keep goin. Its great when you have an enemy you know u can kill with smasher cast death sentence on it kill it and go right back to 100 angrr. Love when that happens ^^

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