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Earth Sac Guide *Work In Progress*

By Demodude#9070 February 13, 2012, 05:39:04

**Update Since the Patch**

Well I decided to start all over since the patch hit, and earth was changed A LOT.
So let's see what we'll do instead... IGN: Krewe


1st) +1 Mp
2nd) Full HP

Now that HP was modified to be exactly what it should have been in the first place (;D) going MP first won't hurt so bad in the long run, now it really will be you're just missing out on 100hp.

Specialty Skills:

1st) Attraction
2nd) Blood Pact
3rd) Moribund

Truth be told I am confused now the role that Angrr has! Earth spells no longer use it. So that is why I am saying attraction first this time, then blood pact, then moribund. If I don't find a use for Angrr,
Moribund will provide more Dmg. And blood pact second will make up for the 100hp you miss out on due to 1mp.

Lvl 23 As of now, The build is fun biggrin.

Skills: 6ap (7 once I get full gob)/4mp

Once I get enough Angrr I use Smasher.

Once I get 8ap it will be:
Colonnades + Rocky Foot
No Smasher.


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Glad to see more people are trying out Earth Sac!! I have been playing on for a while now, just about to hit level 50. You are def going the right way maxing angrrr first. Attraction is not a bad idea, the only draw back I see is your damage will suffer until higher levels. It takes quite a bit of levels to get Extra Vigrrrous up to 19 or 20 whichever you decide to stop at. And 19 levels for Attraction. So between attraction and Angrrr your lookin at being level 40 before you hit that goal.

The extra map manipulation may come in extremely handy though. 2MP for a LOS drag across the whole arena isnt a bad choice by any means. Just don't expect yourself to be doing good damage , as earth sacs have the lowest damage out of all the sacs. Hope this changes in the next update *crosses fingers*

One thing I have found to be very under rated is Death Sentence. IT will give you a nice boost to angrr and a full refund at level 6 or so upon killing an enemy with smasher. This is great to keep your Extra Vigrrrous through out the fight. The only draw back is you will mainly be attacking with weapon or rockyfoot / crackrock blow.

I would suggest Extra Vigrrrous , Death Sentence , or Sacrifice for your next specialty to raise. Sacrifice makes you unbelieveably helpful in group fights. I like to pop mine on my healer and Sram friend first turn. Then pop another on my srams clone. I leave the damage up to him since there is no way I will be able to contribute that much damage until i get into the 60s. THis allows me to use all my angrrr attacks and pretty much be guaranteed to get back to 100 since I am taking literally all the hits.

I use smasher once I get Extra Vigrrrous to 3 stacks. Then my eni friend heals me like crazy. Rinse and repeat. We are able to 3 man pretty much anything this way.

I am excited to see how this works out for you. I love seeing more people testing out different things on Earth Sac. Since you aren't HP dumping until later I would suggest holding off on sacrificing until you do dump HP or get good HP gear.

What nation are you in. I can hook you up with a free gobbal helm since I am sure you can get all the other pieces needed.

Once you get into your 20s I suggest a mix of Buk, Bellaphone and crab gear for good dmg and hp.
In the 30s grab your self a couple royal gob pieces and higher 30s go with some chafer stuff added in to the mix. And since you are getting that 1 MP I suggest once you hit 45 to get a coveted Bramble Claymore for the 45% dmg and 50 lock bonus. it takes away 1MP but hey, you can afford it. Plus when u get into the 40s you can get mp boots anyway. Then grab the tree boots at 51 i think it is.

Not sure if you realise how great crit is for earth sac but go ahead and look at the crit dmg and bonus dmg on smasher and rocky foot. My smasher is level 41 right now. Non crit you get 1% bonus dmg for every angrrr above 80 used. When i crit I get 6% extra dmg per every angrrr used above 80. that is 20% to 120% a HUUUUGE difference.

Best of lucks, it is definitely an arduous task leveling earth sac. But it has its benefits, at high levels that is. Need any help or answers go ahead and feel free to whisper me

My IGN is Ire Surge

Your Angrrry Friend

Ire Surge >

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I look forward to you updating this now that the patch has hit.

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Edited the guide smile 

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Angrrr now works like moribund where the higher your angrrr (therefore lower your hp), the more damage you'll deal. At level 20 near 100 angrrr (this is basically under 10 hp) your hits will deal your damage by about x3 (that's including damage after your damage % modifier).

Raising your Angrrr level will raise the cap from 70 to 100. Since angrrr goes up and down in correspondence to the % of your hp, the higher the cap, the more sensitive your angrrr will be in relation to hp loss/gain.

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hi there biggrin

i experimented just a lil with my earth sac since it was really closed to the beta ends, but my toughts was to build my earth sac into a heavy tank..

This are my options:

Raise my hp all the way

then sacrifice all the way, that way i wont loose angr by healing

after sacrifice then im thinking on lv blood pact to have all that extra hp
in order to have a good demrok with only my spells

Im tryiong to focus on a pure tank build so i wont be doing much dmg but i will be a good protector and hoping not to let teammates die..

well leave a comment for any tips for me biggrin

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