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Sacrier changes

By #[Troyle] January 31, 2013, 11:48:33
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Life Transfer, or Sacrifice...? It really doesn't matter. In my opinion, a good tank Sac can protect his team without the need to use either spell. However, when thinking of Sac's game-play and style, then yes, it matters to have a practical difference between Life Transfer and Sacrifice. Both of them should have the simple outcome of having the Sac protect his allies.

So here's my suggestion:

1) Life Transfer: This spell should be the Support-Sac's main spell. It should require a fair amount of AP. In brief, this spell should give the Sac the power to choose individual allies and/or a number of allies in order to carry the Life Transfer process. Once the Sac has chosen his/her target(s), it should give the target(s) a state that heals the target(s)--by sucking the life out of the Sac's HP-- at the beginning of the target(s)' turn, and this effect should last 2-3 turns. This spell should be allowed once per 3-4 turns. Most importantly, and in order to make this spell efficient, it should function in a way that heals the target(s) based on the remaining HP%. So basically, the less the target(s)' HP%, the more HP should be transferred from the Sac to the target.

2) Sacrifice: It should function the same way it has always been. But, it would be more practical if you use Dofus' approach in Sacrifice. In other words, instead of lasting a number of "charges", it should last a number of "turns". Ideally, a 2 turn of Sacrifice effect with a 3-4 turn cool down would make Sacs a great supportive class.

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No complaining, I don't want them to change current sacs, I love my sac and I love life transfer!

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I'm not on forums very often and i haven't played wakfu for a while, but now that i'm back i literally rage deleted my almost lvl 30 sacrier (unsubbed) Just becouse YOU guys changed 1 air skill. It literally ruined the base of all my combos. Yes I'm talking about Sacrier's Fist, It was totally okay with Motion Sick and then attract your enemy to you. Epic Combo's. Bye ankama

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