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Air Sacrier advice

By November 29, 2012, 00:51:26
All I know so far is that we're good at mobility and control. No idea what to do with my points. Does anyone have any advice/tips/guides? I'd be very thankful.
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Don't be afraid of experimenting with different builds, we'll most likely get more restats in the future if you feel you ever do mess up.
While I haven't exactly played an air sac before, I do currently play a sacrier. I'm guessing you can maybe put points in HP, or Agility. AP may also be a very popular choice. Then develop your combos according to your AP count. A common tactic is to use Motion Sickness + Assault x2
As you progress, you may develop more complicated combos. For example:
Motion Sickness -> Light Speed -> Maxed Attract (Total: 6Ap+4MP+1WP)
Motion Sickness -> Maxed Transposition (Total: 10AP, 1MP)

As you can see, a lot of the combos heavily involve the use of Motion Sickness.
Hope this helped
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Well i play an air sac and im making a guide, chack it out some time
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Epyon1990|2013-01-11 14:45:08
Well i play an air sac and im making a guide, chack it out some time
And where it is?
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Click here

I got the Agi one up but im going to do earth and fire when i got the time
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If u want a combo for dmg go for the good and old 10ap, ms + 3x assault, but... it´s boring... damn boring.. but with 10 ap u can develop maaaany combos as u will find out as u play more often, so the boredom will be worth it in many circumstances. Good Luck! wink 
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