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Some Sugestions To Improve The Sacrier's Role As A Positionner.

By NatEntropy#9118 - MEMBER - September 03, 2022, 17:19:55


The sacrier's rework has been very beneficial to DD sacrier. But in my opinion, his positionner role didn't receive enough attention.

1. Spiritual tempest can only be used twice per turn, which limits positionning with it.

2. Assault lost It's modifiable range and the possibility to have it with no line of sight with a passive.

3. Motion sickness reduces by 1 the range of air spells without any real gain.

4. Attraction has no modifiable range anymore and attracts by 6 cells only.

5. Gash is limited to 2 times per turn which limits positionning capabilities with sacrifice.

6. No real passives that improve the Sacrier's positionner role. (we only have wp boosting and the range boost that I will mention in my next point)

7. Vision is not that beneficial, the only positionning spells that benefit from it are transposition, spiritual tempest, gash, and sacrifice.

8. Sacrier's fist has a fixed range.

Now on why these issues should be fixed.

Panda is the only real positionner in the game, yes of course there is feca and mask and other classes but they have more important roles like boosting, buffing and debuffing...
Having sacrier as another positionner would be beneficial, because it creates more diversity in playstyles.

Now on my proposed changes, these are just some random ideas that I thought of, I am certain that the devs can find better solutions:

1. Spiritual tempest should have It's cost reduced or It's cooldown reduced.

2. Bring back modifiable range on assault or a passive that gives no line of sight like before.

3. Motion sickness should have It's use revamped, DD sacrier rarely use it. I suggest some kind of debuff on mobs you apply it on, like -20 res each time you move the mob with it for example.

4. Attraction should have modifiable range at the very least, considering the cost.

5. Gash should get a passive that increases It's uses at a cost, I suggest adding this in the blood pact passive, so DD sacrier doesn't use it.

6. Passives that increases sacrier's positionner identity, I alredy mentioned some changes like a passive for gash and motion sickness. But maybe the dev team can find something better. there are some passives that are rarely used by the class that could be reworked for this purpose (blood flow, pillar, transcendence, bloodtrail)

7. Vision is fine, but maybe the assault no line of sight should be slapped here, and it makes sense cause of the name .

8. Fist range should be modifiable.

In conclusion, I think that having another main positionner class would be quite good for the game and will help in erasing the big disparity between panda players and non-panda players, especially in the 230 content where It's waaaay harder to play without a panda in your team comp.


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while i do prefer the older motion sickness, the new motion sickness isnt ''without any real gain'' the damage increase is very high , i believe its around 34 air dmg per positioning spell making some spells like assault have a crazy high  dmg ratio, not all dmg spells that make use of it are air but it still adds a lot of value to all other spells, and the armor is also very good. 

*there is a huge issue with adding range to a mele focused class. because generally u sacrifice alot to get the range cause most mele items got no range. having a non modifiable higher than average range is a great deal for the average player

sacrier is quite fine as a positioner. same for feca its panda thats the probleme, panda is stupidly strong as a positioner it would take 2 or 3 positioning characters to do as good as a panda on an average turn so there is really no comparison 

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For motion sickness, I meant no real gain for a positionner playstyle, which is usually played as a tank that doen't deal any damage.  It used to give +1 range before which was nice because many spells had modifiable range.

You are right about the issues of melee classes and range, but perhaps there is some way to fix this with passives ? Modifiable range would be activated only if you take certain passives that hard nerf your damage capabilities maybe ?

And for your third point I do agree, panda is too strong, but a lot of the game is balanced around it, nerfing panda too hard would shake around things too much, which is not what the devs want right now. So having sacrier be a good positionner would help balance things a bit because you wouldn't have 1 standard when balancing new content.

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Ok sacriers are cool But Iop positioning needs some love

I mean even a Xelor Cody can deal more damage than a Iop.

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Iops aren't positioners tho?
They are already a great damage dealer, kinda tanky and can buff allies nearby.

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