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how to power level from 160 - 180?

By otaryu - MEMBER - September 16, 2019, 18:07:29

When I hear someone say they powerleveled... I have no idea what they mean.
I assume just grouping with people and attacking large hoards of monsters in your Level area that gives best XP.
Sadly that isn't an option for me currently.

I am a lvl 160 Sacrier with junky equipment (don't really know what is good for my lvl) running most pieces from the Tormented armor sets. 
I started off fighting in Moon, attacked single Nyl Hunters and just seeded that group over and over. It was going really well with XP potions and Bilby Pet(Lvl50) atleast 8 mill a fight in only a handful of turns. 
I keep trying to replicate that, however its just not working out anymore since I can NEVER find singular Nyl Hunters and I cant solo a Nyl Shaman yet. 
Did Battlefield a good few times only once did it work out with good XP (Read the guide to it, but only time it worked was when people literally gave up for me to get the win.) That isn't consistent enough since the others are more common when I am active. 
The guild I am in has higher lvled members, but are busy when they hop on.

Is there a up to date guide with all the equipment updates and territory changes that can give me a poke in the right direction? 

thanks in advance.


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you need to contact the leader of the guild valoriis he is the best sacrier on nox.

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well im not aware of any up-to-date power lv guides but one method comes to mind if you have guild/lowbie frends you can try to get them to help you run low lv dungeons while in adjusted lv system and in competitve mode on stasis lv 21,31,41 you get achiviments from dungeons clearing em on thouse lvs and the achi gives a lot of exp and it scales with your lv so clearing for example dungies from lv 65-80 and 95-110 in st 50 gives a lot of exp relativly fast only downside being that you do need a party

good news tho you do not need fully geared party in many of theese low lv dungies you really need just 1-2 charaters fully geared with good gear so just invest in some decent low lv gear and get clearing

this also has a + side to ur player economy since you are more or less bound to get in top 100 in the leaderboard if you clear stasis 50 or somecases even 30, at the end of month you will receve shards and lloot boxes with variying random rewards wich all of em are valuable even the worst case scenario aka tokens are pretty nice since you can cash them to relics and gear more chars to make the next runs go faster.

oh also note if you clear dungeon straight from competive mode on st50 you get all the achivimenst at once i refer to that as stasis exp bomb coz it is a lot of exp from short time (ow if you have booster activated theres also the bonus exp that is gated behind its almost the half of the achi btw so defently get the at least the 1 week adventure booster if you go stasis bombing)

hope this helps

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