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[Added to main guide] Pt 2: Sacrier Intermediate Guide

By Suspect-- - MEMBER - August 13, 2019, 17:18:38

*Note: in this guide i will be using terminology that does not exist in the game, these are my own terms and i will do my best to explain them
*Other note: Most of this is for players that already know the In's and Out's of the Sacrier class and its spells
If you want a more in-depth view of the sacrier's spells i suggest reading my Part 1 guide

Art of Phasing: [Mostly PvP]
As is well known, Sacrier is a class with a larger health pool than most characters
With most level 200 Sacriers having 20,000 health
It is often joked that with such a large health bar, that sacrier's are like boss's in the game, with Phase changes
Whilst not actually having phase changes, it does have HP%'s that require a change in tactic or playstyle
[100% hp to 50% hp = Burner Phase]
  This phase is called the burner phase, the health points within this % gap is considered fuel to your Flame return and Daring heart progression, this health should not be saved, and the use of the Cage of Blood is not advised, and external healing is only ever desired in very specific scenarios
At this part of the battle your resist will be at its highest, it is strongly advised to use Sanguine Armor on turn 1 for more available burner health to get a higher stack of Flame and Daring heart
You will mostly only be using Blood rush in this phase for damage, with very few exceptions
[60% to 40% = Green-Lit Phase (Fire Earth)]
   The use of Rocky Foot and Smasher earth spells has now become worthwhile, at this point you have lost 10,000 to 8,000 health, and if you have the Burning Armor Passive, you will generate roughly 402 armor per cast of rocky foot 
The use of the "true earth combo" [Rocky x2, Smasher, Sanguine] will now grant you a total of 6,800 armor
If you time the % really well you can armor yourself and in the next turn, drop yourself under 50% with bloodrush while still maintaining armor for your zerking bonus mastery
Under 50% health the use of Cage of blood becomes useful, the lifesteal now benefiting from your zerk mastery, and the heals greatly increased, while strong it is also not essential, Cage of Blood should always be used at the end of your turns
[49% to 25% = Crusher Phase]
  Your damage is now at its absolute highest without a nuke, Every turn should be ended with either Sanguine Armor or Cage of blood if your hp drops below 30%
Your resistance and Hp% should be watched with utmost caution, as one underestimated attack will cost you your life, and even if it doesnt kill you it could very well waste your Cling bonus
Rocky foot is now offering 500 armor per cast on average, while smasher is giving you 1800 armor
[35% to 25% = Aerial momentum (Fire Air)]
  With your damage peaking, gaining dmg% or Flame return is becoming redundant, every single turn you should have Motion sickness active, and the use or Air spells like assault should slowly replace any use of Blood rush due to the much higher base damage
If your sacrier is mostly Melee, spells like Tempest are also extremely encouraged as it possess's the highest Damage per AP ratio when motion sick is active
This is your moment to kill the target, play much more aggressively if your cling bonus has not been consumed, that will save your life and grant an opening if they are unable to burst you through cling
[26%-24% = Golden phase]
  If you are lucky enough to get your health between this % with high daring heart (about 70%+) congratulations
This golden phase is named so because it can catch any target off guard if they do not know what it means
at 25% you will be at roughly 5000 hp, cling is at 4000, Two Casts of Blood rush should be enough to throw you into cling to get the bonus
granting you the 2ap, leaving you with 8ap
If you have motion sick you can assault the target and punish
Or if you are fire earth you can cast sac fist twice and then punish
If the 2 blood rush's fail do NOT try a third, the +2ap will not leave you enough ap to punish, simply cast cage of blood and then sanguine armor, or Sac fist and then Cage of blood if your sanguine is on cool-down
[19% to 1% = Final Gambit (Fire Air)]
 You've exhausted all your options at this point and there is no harm in running, reset your daring heart as you see necessary and start kiting, heal with a single cage of blood every turn and use lightspeed in-between, you need to ware down the target and stay safe, punish the target every time the spell is off cooldown, this is extremely WP heavy so if you predict even entering this phase before the battle, transcendence is a MUST
[19% to 1% = Immortalice (Fire Earth)]
  You are much safer than your opponent believes, swapping to the Bloodthirsty active is an option but might not even be needed
Your armor has peaked, watch them as they try to compete with your sustain, breaking their fists on your armor
Keep your hp% under 20% for the 50 resist bonus, slip 1 cast of blood rush or 1 cast of cage into your turns when needed and spend the rest of your ap generating armor, you are an immovable wall so act like it, they come to you, not you to them, if they kite you just spam rocky foot as it will grant you almost 2,200 armor

Art of Punishing:
Punishment is a spell that you should never use for 6ap cost
Lowering its AP cost with movement spells is always optimal
The most common methods of doing so are
Assault x2 Punish = 10ap combo of 420 base [42 DPA] 504 base with Motion sick [50 DPA]
Sac fist x2 Punish = 8ap combo of 378 base [47 DPA]
Sac fist x2 Assault x2 = 12ap combo of 528 base [44 DPA] 612 base with Motion sick [51 DPA]
to get the higher Air DPA's motion sickness needs to be applied in the previous turn, so a level of prediction is required
Now a common question asked, is that, is Punishment worth using above 20% hp?
The answer is yes but with very few exceptions
135 Base damage is nothing to scoff at, but when it is at a cost of 6ap, its not worth the usage
Not only that, but you need to make sure it doesnt screw over your combo of 12ap
There is no point doing Sac fist x2 Punish when that leaves you with only 4ap, lowering your overall output
The best way to figure out if its worth using is to see if the overall base damage of the spells you use in 12ap, beats a 4x Bloodrush
Blood rush x4 = 372 base damage over 12ap
There are very few combo's you can use for that early burst, but here are some options:
Assault, Tempest, Sacrier Fist, Punish[3ap] = 482 base damage if Motion sick is primed in previous turn
Tempest x2, Punish[4ap] = 403 base damage if Motion sick is primed in previous turn
Assault x2, Sac fist x2, Punish[2ap] = 477 base damage if Motion sick is primed in previous turn

There are not many other options in this situation, and due to the cooldown on punish you need to make sure that youre not going to drop below 20% in your next turn

Art of Runes:
Sacrier can use nearly every single Epic or Relic rune in the entire game, here is how they effect the sacrier:

Robust HP: Lowering your own Max hp might seem like a terrible idea, but if you have a strong Feca on your team, it can allow a massive Orb armor with no need for any heals on your sacrier, Permanently remaining zerked with next to no risk, but this is only a good option if you have a dedicated team, otherwise this rune should be avoided

Positioning Knowledge: When the -rear resist was only 100 this was the strongest rune for a pvp sacrier, as the rear resist could easily be offset allowing for some monster level defense, however now that it is -200 rear resist, this rune is only truly effective vs classes like Rogue or on a purely tank sacrier

Inflexibility: a more niche rune, works well like any other class that uses the prismatic dofus, items like the Satiri Coat souvenier or the Shadowy Breastplate from Ogrest can give your stats an enormous boost, but 10ap is not very workable in a PvE situation, still, there could be some untapped potential hear as new gear is revealed

Anatomy: With the use of Assault, Sacrier has one of the strongest backstab gaining spells in the game, and so anatomy is easily useable, that said Flame return does not scale with rear mastery and you might find yourself lacking in that area or when backstab isnt gainable, however this is arguable one of the best epic runes to equip a sacrier with if you want sheer DPS output

Steadfast: Previously the meta rune, 10% dmg for less than 10% crit was the true path for most dps sacrier's, however with the release of sublimation's that grant enormous levels of crit, statting crit on your sacrier is becoming more and more viable, that said, if you dont yet have access to a lot of crit%, this rune could certainly prove useful

Brutality: The hipster rune to have on your sacrier, not the best but not the worst, this rune boosts your aoe's immensely, but does very little to assist your Tempest, as while the main hit of Tempest is indeed Melee Aoe, the motion sickness damage is Melee and ST, still, this rune can make for some rather funny fights when using lightspeed

Unravelling: Not really use-able since sacrier doesnt have any spells that would benefit from the conversion of crit mastery to elemental mastery, but if youre using this rune with Alternation, you might find some use

Surgical precision: Previously useless on sacrier, but now with a 20% bonus to armor generation, this can be an earth sacriers wet dream, boosting that armor from all your earth spells including Sanguine armor, with a 20% boost to your flame return heals when below 20% health, if youre looking for a cheap rune with a bonus other than damage, this is a gift

Herculean strength: More viable for a tank sacrier, this rune offers very little for your typical sacrier, 13ap is often not used due to the loss of MP, but lock and dodge can both be increased by a % on sacrier in combat, so its not a bad choice if its needed

Alternation 2: Sacrier often sticks to 1 element for most turns, but switching between Fire and Air could make use of this rune, less so for Fire and Earth however as it would be very inefficient

Measured rune: 40% block is very easy to achieve on sacrier and so the 10% crit is as free as air, but with critical sublimations thrown in this rune isnt too needed

Excess: Potent, extremely potent on a sacrier, Punishment is extremely easy to be used with this rune at full potential as even when the cast limit on sac fist is met on the target, sac fist can be cast in open space to push the excess trigger up 1 or 2 notches for the early nuke, there are better options however as sacriers power comes more from its combos than its nuke, but this is certainly one of the stronger runes

Smashmouth: If youre running Fire Air this rune isnt worth it, sacrier already has some very substantial armor chipping skills, but against a panda this rune might be mandatory

Heart breaking blood: One of the more god tier runes, not only does it give you 30% dmg but sacrier can actually make sure of the rebound, doubling daring hearts % gains on odd table turns, and also allowing you to self cling much earlier without the use of blood rush, however the rebound on high mastery builds can be very dangerous in PvE, and running Ogrest and Blightogre becomes impossible with this rune

Alternation: On high elemental mastery builds this rune is sweet, but puts a wrench in your ability to adapt, as using more than 1 element will lower your output for a turn, its good but its risky

Guardup: Best on a tanky sacrier as it lowers the return of Bloodthirstys storage, but other than that this rune should not be used as it lowers your own flame return

Trust: Now that this rune is fixed, Lifesteals and self heals will not remove your block bonus, so in a sense for sacrier it is a free 20% block

Flame aura: Pretty bad on its own, but when used with brakswords Flaming bonus, this rune can be terrifying, especially when your team mates are aware of its scaling, flaming scales with Melee, ST, Zerk and your damage%, so if you get the flaming level to 270, thats the same output as a 20% punishment cast

Brazier: Free mastery on certain turns, and sacrier always likes mastery, with spells like Tempest, sacrier can even use the AOE mastery too, but not the distance mastery

Robust: Dont bother

Wield type dagger: 10% damage on front and sides but -10% on backstab, its not bad but with sacrier having the easiest backstab access in the gain it feels like a waste, still if you neglect backstab this rune is basically constant rune without the crit limitation

Wield type shield: Arguably one of the best epic runes for a sacrier, whilst it does limit your range, it also works in the opposite method, allowing you to use Ebony Dofus fragment and Gallopints and have 0 range rather than -2 range

Wakfu Pact: 10 FoW and 10% block might seem good but sacrier really doesnt get much use out of FoW, and the 10% block just isnt worth the wakfu point investment, the Trust rune would be better

Elemental Concentration: Sacrier does not work as a mono element class, so sadly this rune wont get too much use, if you want to just blitz something with fire though i suppose it can work

Breeze and Directives: The runes are too similiar to not do at the same time, sacrier just simply cant use either of them at full potential

Yeah: this rune is still up for debate, +2ap when using a wakfu point is basically just allowing for early bursts allowing for you to do the combo of Bloodrush Sac fist x2, Punish, Blood rush for early base damage boosts, possibilities are much higher when air combos are taken into account aswell, the -2ap on even turns can be ignored aswell if you use the wp spell at the end of your turn

Stasisfication: Its free damage% you never dont want this, no cost, its free, use this rune

Lightweapon: if the base damage was better sacrier could actually make sure of this but until then its not worth it

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Thanks for nice sharing, by reading this feel a worth to try on Sacrier already haha~

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Good stuff. Keep up the good work Suspect wink

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Score : 58

excuse me, i'm kinda of a newbie here, and since in spanish the skill is called "revive flame", and the wiki doesn't explain much, how does flame return works?

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Hello, Great stuff!
I was wondering if you could elaborate on the damage calculations on flame aura? 

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So, Flame Aura triggers a state called "flaming", and applies +10 Flaming for each hit the sacrier recieves outside its turn, within melee range

Flaming level = Flaming base damage
so if you have 100 flaming, it will deal 100 base damage
Flaming is a 1 cell aoe around the target that has the flaming
Despite being an AoE, Flaming scales with:
-Direct dmg%
-Melee Mastery
-Single target Mastery
-Highest elemental mastery
-Berzerk Mastery

Its pretty perfect for sacrier, as sacriers utilise all of these masteries and gets plenty of dmg%
The example i gave was this, as sacrier can utilise all the masteries of flaming, flamings base damages can be compared to sacriers own base damage on spells

What i mean by this is
Cage of Blood at lv200 has a base damage of 100 exactly
If flaming was to reach Lv100, it would also do 100 base damage
The output of Flaming at Lv100 and Cage of Blood, would be exactly the same.

This is the same for every single one of sacriers spells.

This is where Brakmar Sword comes into play
Brakmar sword applies 150 Flaming for 3ap to the user
This can be stacked with Flame aura, to increase the flaming level

150 flaming is already a higher base damage than any of the sacriers 3ap spells
with Flame aura, +10 for each hit in melee
And your base damage for flaming starts to become very very powerful

This of course, all depends on whether your targets end their turn within 1 cell range

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Nevy-Nervine|2020-03-26 13:13:20
Ah awesome! Thank you for the info biggrin

One more thing! If I have the flame aura subli and use sacrifice on someone and they get hit by an attack in melee range, does that add a stack of flaming?

No, sadly not
I haven't tested it all that much, but from previous experimenting, Flame Aura will not trigger unless the sacrier is attacked directly, nearly every exchange which results in the sacrier swapping places with sacrifice result in no flame aura
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Awh u-u
thats a shame, thank you for the insight though! Very much appreciated biggrin

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