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Sacrier Transcedence and Brutality Rune.

By -ExSoldier- - MEMBER - July 08, 2019, 00:06:44

Brutality Rune takes your melee mastery and add to your zone mastery, but removes the same amount of your ranged mastery.
If a Sacrier using the Transcedence passive use this rune, he negates the ranged mastery loss (because the ranged mastery now is a copy of the melee mastery), or he loses the ranged mastery the same way?

For example. If i have 1000 AOE Mastery, 800 Melee Mastery and 500 Ranged Mastery, using Transcedence and Brutality Rune, i end with: 1800 AOE, 800 Melee, 800 Ranged. Or 1800 AOE, 800 Melee, -300 Ranged?

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Transcendence will bypass the -mastery effect from brutality, this means that having 1000 AoE, 800 melee and 500 ranged will result in 1000 AoE, 800 melee and 800 ranged.

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