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[Guide] Suspect's Sacrier guide (COMPLETE REWRITE FOR 1.73)(Updated: 28/10/2021)

By Suspect--#9680 - MEMBER - March 24, 2019, 17:02:37
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I asked this in the other Sacrier guide as well but i'll ask you too. 

hello, right now i'm running my Sacrier with an Enutroph and an Osamodas. I run a pretty basic balanced Fire/Earth off tank zerker build. So far, the sacrier in most of my fights is complete meat shield until she's below 50% at which point she either stacks armor or deals damage depending on situation. Since i'm not investing in air, my positioning is limited o the Assault, Lightspeed and 1 situational spell slot where i occasionally slot in Attraction or Transposition. 

So far at level 127 and 7000 HP, she does a pretty ok job at tanking for my Enutroph and Osamodas but not too excellent a job that i would replace my Enutroph with a squishy DD or support.  My question is if i should go Earth/air or Air/Earth for more tanking and positioning? 

I have not played the Air and Earth focus build so i'm not sure how's the damage with that build or how much better would that build be at tanking 

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u dont need to put mastery into earth since armor is independent to mastery . fire air would be better for tanking anyway since self healing with cage of blood and punishment]

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do you plan to make a Char stat guide too? in Strength should i put in HP?

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given the armors based on lost HP it seems to be a better choice imo

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Guide has been completely rewritten for the sake of 1.73, including the new spells, passives and how to build Sacrier.

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Thanks for the update!

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