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Sacrier skill lacks of composition in it

By Suigetzuux - MEMBER - May 15, 2018, 12:16:05

I try play other class, and then see how their skill support each other or maybe have unique composition in it... But now sacrier in term of that, skills are only give armor or self damage, not have unique taste of their skill, in comparable, some other classes, when i take a look on their skill explanation, its written in complicated but fascinating way. It give me unique taste of their skills. Hope the best for ankama and thank you

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The thing about sacrier spells is that the synergy is mostly between branches and not the spells itself.

Feks a good bruiser synergy is fire/earth, earth shields get stronger when sacrier loses hp and the self harm from fire will assist in reducing your HP and provide high dmg.

Another synergy is feks Air/Fire, which is about high mobility from air and high dmg from fire.

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Yea, but recently i feel that earth branch losing its utility except for armor, which armor given, rarely using earth branch anymore except for rocky foot and sacrier fist, other earth skill not very useful for that high ap cost needed

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Bit late to reply but allow me to shed some light on the Earth tree
Rocky foot is generally your go to if using earth at all to generate armor, because you don't actually need to hit anything for it, another use is that it has a much better range at the cost of a bit of base damage when compared to the other 3ap counter parts of other elements
Smasher is your earth trump card, and is your second best single target generator for armor, this does need you to hit something however, if you look it has a much higher hp loss: Armor generated, ratio, generating more than twice as much armor for 1 more ap and 1 wakfu point
Insanity doesn't generate any armor, its a 4 directional pull that is used to increase your lock or set up an AoE, it is only really used if you want to tank, lock, or set up, and thus its situational
Sac fist is just perfect, what did we do to deserve such a lovely spell
Collonnades is the black sheep of the earth tree, its only really useful in niche situations but if you can get a good AoE set up it will generate much more armor than any other earth spell at the sacrier's disposal

The whole trick to the earth branch is you can play defensively while still damaging your opponent, Sacrier synergy isn't a matter of casting an earth spell to make fire more potent, it comes down more to using your spell deck room to be able to match the situation you are faced with.~
I hope this helps you understand the Earth tree a bit more

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