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[Tri-Élément] Looking for advices for lvl110 +/- equipments

By pedrolapizza - MEMBER - March 13, 2018, 12:19:22


Tri-element Sacrier of Remington, I saw some of my equipments are lvl80-, so I need your advices for a lvl100-120 Scarier.

Fyi, my current equipment gives (without mount/pet/emblem/weapon) :

Spoiler (click here to show spoiler)

494 HP
3 AP
2 MP
43 Lock
41 Dodge
47 Initiative
15 Wisdom
101 Mastery Fire
23 Critical Mastery
33 Melee Mastery
84 Elemental Resistance
53 Elemental Mastery
4% Block
4% Critical Hit
15 Prospecting
4 Berserker Mastery
12 Rear Mastery
36 Mastery Earth, Fire, Air
2 Lvl. to elemental spells
I'm open for all advices, but keeping +3 PA +2 PM is essential.
(for curious, there's a little link of my current build to generate on MethodWakfu (french website))

Thanks beforehand smile

edit: welp, I asked here since I had 0 answer from the french forum, but it seems international community isn't quiet as hell only in game
if this dead thread could be locked to prevent necroposting, it would be nice smile
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