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Fixing Sacrier's Cling

By zokuzoku - MEMBER - February 10, 2018, 18:19:47

As we all know, Sacrier is currently the strongest class in both PVP and PVM. Not only is their Cling mechanic broken, but it is super broken how well it combos with their other mechanics.

To fix them, I suggest making it so that upon triggering Cling:
-Sacrifice on allies ends, and the Sacrier isn't able to take damage for enemies while in Cling.
-The Sacrier becomes stabilized.
-The Sacrier gets the revival debuff, so they can't be revived.

All of these changes together would fix Sacrier, and bring it more in line with the other classes.

Or are there any other mechanics or changes that could be made to fix Sacriers?
Do they need another rework all together?

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I think the 1. and 3. statement are really good. I am not sure with the second, stabilize is a bit too hard for a nerf, but if they can reach with 3 or less AP their target, they definitly can oneturn more than half of other classes without fulltank equipe, so maybe deactivate the "punishment" cost reduction instead for each replacement to lower a bit their damage output in that turn.

I think they should be able to do good damage in this turn, but not this kind of a burst.

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1 can be a good change, 2 and 3 is kinda harsh especially 2.

Sacriers already get -2max mp on clinging to life adding stabilized means a sacrier cant do anything at all.

For the revival state, this is kind not in line with death and revive in wakfu, instead they should remove revenge killing, which guarantees sacriers to die after cling.

Score : 4940

Oh, I like the remove of revenge kill more than the 3. Then they wouldn't need to make 3.

Score : 12040

#1 I agree with. The sacrier preventing their allies from taking damage, whilst the sac themselves is in cling is broken as it basically gives their entire team a full round of invulnerability.

The rest I don't agree with.

Stabilize in cling would SCREW sacriers hard. They get an unresistable 2 MP loss whilst in cling, and most of their more powerful spells are melee range. So if you got like 7 tiles away then their only way to closer that gap would be uhh Attraction which is linear only.

If you want to limit sacrier mobility in cling, imo make lightspeed once per turn limit (maybe with a base cost decrease or +1 range to compensate). Lightspeed is what gives sac absurd mobility inside cling. LightSpeed x2 (with MS already active) lets sac cross 12 tiles for 4 ap 2wp cost. With mobility passive it's 16 tiles with the same cost. Then they can use attraction/sacriers fist for further mobility, or transposition/assault if there are any convenient stepping stones along the way. Which means a sac can get to a target up to say 26 tiles away.. with only 6 ap cost that turn (4 ap cost for 16 tiles of movement, then 4 mp, then 2 ap cost for a 6 tile pull). And with Sacrier's huge FD in cling and AP bonus and powerful spells and free damage from flame return they can one turn full HP opponents even with spending 4/6/ whatever ap on mobility. 26 effective attack range is unfairly high, but 10 effective attack range would be unfairly low.

Sacs being unrevivable after cling is unfair to them too I think. Cling is one bonus damage turn, a revive can be several turns of extra actions and you get accelerated turn order.  Yes there would still be scenarios where cling was useful, but there would also be scenarios where cling became a massive liability that could instantly cost you fights. Which I don't think is fair on what's a kinda core passive to Sacrier.

I do think cling is extremely strong in PvP. A sac could play horrribly and then still instantly win in one half- decent cling turn unless their opponent jumps through enough hoops to kill them under the precise conditions where they'd be able to survive (when some classes might not have any appropriate counters to it at all). But stabilize in cling would make cling pretty pointless IMO.

Score : 4054

the best solutions i came up with are to either make lightspeed cost 6ap1wp (in short,ms doesn't affect the cost) or ms make the cost goes from 6ap 1wp to 3ap 2wp

Score : 373

well, if any want change, then i suggest
1. motion sickness make enemy move forward their facing direction 3 cells
2. more range in sacrier fist earth branch, 
3. transposition can be used 2 times every turn
4. smasher and rocky foot give armor based sacrier max hp
5. punishment and smasher can be done with range 1-6
6. coagulation for enemy when sac use every fire based cells
7. daring heart deactivated flame return damage affect whole map except allies
8. blood cage can make sacrier in adj of their enemy every turn and cant be cancelled

then can make as you wish when cling

Score : 189

These changes would without a doubt improve Sacrier's balance by bringing it more in-line with other classes.

They should implement them into the Sacrier's Cling fix on the beta server.


Abrocalypse|2018-03-14 01:08:41
Now, let's get real.

How about trying to play a class before repeatedly throwing in their posts some of the most outlandish opinions ever conceived. 

That'd make you get the whole picture happy 

I do have a level 200 Sacrier, and all of the people complaining about the Cling nerf are even more unreasonable than the people that complained about the Badger nerf.
Don't be hypocritical, please. You write a lot about Huppermages despite having no grasp on their mechanics or execution. 
Score : 525

Now, let's get real.

How about trying to play a class before repeatedly throwing in their posts some of the most outlandish opinions ever conceived. 

That'd make you get the whole picture happy 

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