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[Guide] Soutji's guide to Sacrier

By Soupji - MEMBER - April 21, 2017, 15:18:14

My name is Soutji a lvl 200 Sacrier from Remington and I will give you some different builds that you can either take inspiration from or copy however you like. 

So to begin with which roles does Sacrier's fill? They fill the damage dealers(DD), tanks and positioner roles. These roles can be combined in different ways that will make the Sacrier powerfull and diverse, examples of different roles can be DD/tank, tank/positioner or positioner/dd. The fun part is that all of these roles are viable at any stage of the early-, mid- and end game.

Sacriers are perfect for people who likes to play solo and on a team, this is due to the different roles a sacrier can take. In team focused gameplay the sacrier will tend to lean towards protecting their allies. For solo play the Sacrier can deal tremendous amounts of damage when they're at 100 angrr which is at 20% HP.

For the more roleplaying side Sacrier fills the berserker role quite well, which is evidently one of the biggest reason for me to play this class. So if you like to take damage and deal alot of damage back, then I would suggest you to keep on reading and make a Sacrier and I will see you ingame eventually

Due to technical limitations on the forums page layout, the table of contents will be a complete mess.

Table of contents
Strong Blood

  • Fire
  • Earth
  • Air
Main Builds
Tank Build Earth/Fire or Air/Earth
  • Stats, Gears, Playstyle, Spell Deck
    • Balanced Tank/DD build
    • Full Tank/Positioner build
DD Build Air/Fire or Fire/Earth
  • Stats, Gears, Playstyle, Spell decks
    • High Mastery build
    • Critical Chance Ogrest build
ALS Builds
  • 80 Air/Earth
  • 110 Earth/Fire
  • 125 Earth/Air
  • 140 Air/Fire
  • 170 Air/Fire

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Strong Blood

Strong blood is Sacrier's core mechanic. It's tied to the angrrr system and it gives us 0.1% damage dealt per 1 angrrr, this means that at 10 angrrr you will have 1% damage dealt. This damage dealt bonus maxes out on 100 angrrr(20% HP) which means you will get 10% damage dealt. 

The second part of this mechanic is the WP regen. Every spell that deals damage will generate combat rage, the first spell in a turn will generate 1 combat rage, the second spell will generate 2 combat rage and any other spell cast after the second spell will generate 3 combat rage. At 20 combat rage you will regen 1 WP and the cycle is reverted back to 0.


Here I will write about the various spells for sacrier, we got three different elemental branches which can be combined in various different ways. All the spells will be written from a lvl 200 perspective.


Fire spells revolve around high damage and the "flame return" which is self harm towards the sacrier, only three spells got "flame return" on them: Blood Rush, Burning Blood and Punishment.

Blood Rush
Our 3 AP bread and butter spell, with high base damage of 93, 116 if you land a critical hit. This spell is one of your most spammable spells if you picked the fire branch, and works really well in tandem with bold punishment due to it dealing "flame return" to the Sacrier. You can also use this spell for HP controll since it deals moderate amount of damage to yourself.

Bloodthirsty Fury
This is a 2 AP buffing spell which will boost your next spell by 25% damage, this works best when used to buff hard hitting spells, it can also be used to buff allies and it will work the same way like on the sacrier. This spell also deals 10% of your current HP which also applies to allies when used to buff them, so its best to buff allies when you got low HP or else it will deal alot of damage due to our own high HP. The spell can only be used two times per turn and you can target enemies with it. A great combination with this spell is sacrifice, you can use 2ap to move alot of tiles AND lose HP at the same time.

Burning Blood
This spell used to be the strongest of the sacrier AoE spells, now it have been nerfed to the ground. Its a 4 AP AoE spell that deals 93 base damage, 115 on a critical hit. This spell uses armor to deal damage, this is done by consuming 25% of your armor to deal fire damage in AoE around the Sacrier.

This spell could also be called a AoE Blood Rush, since it got almost the same base damage and it deals damage in four directions. Also keep in mind that this spell doesn't deal damage to allies.

Cage of Blood
Our 4 AP lifesteal/mp steal spell, this spell is our primary spell when tanking, and its our primary spell when we're healing. The spell got a base damage of 100, 125 if you get a critical hit, and it it will lifesteal 100% of the damage inflicted. This means that a 5.000 hit will heal 5.000 given that you dont have heal resist. The spell also gives -3 MP to the target, note that it isnt a 100% chance to remove MP, the targets MP resist needs to be factored in aswell. You can only use this spell once per target.

This is our ultimate spell, while it was stronger pre-revamp its certainly not weak in this iteration either. Punishment lowers the AP needed to cast the spell for each placement spell the Sacrier uses, this means you can use assault, lighspeed, attraction, sacrier's fist and insanity to reduce the cost of Punishment.

The new punishment got a new set of conditions to it the damage is doubled when the Sacrier is at 100 angrr(20%hp) so it goes from 135(168 on a critical hit)base damage up to 270(336 on a critical hit)base damage. The spell also got 2 turns cool down so use it wisely.


Earth spells revolve around building armor and lock, the new armoring system works on missing HP now, instead of the old max HP coagulation. This effectively means that when we're at low HP we will gain more armor.

Rocky Foot
This 3AP spell is great for damaging while building small amounts of armor. Its best to use it when you want to deal damage while armoring up. This spell can also be cast on empty tiles to generate shields.

Sacrier's Fist
This is your non WP 2 AP gap closer, it will pull you 1-3 tiles towards your target and its range modifiable. While the range limitation on the pull is certainly limiting it will benefit the ranged focused sacrier due to them having more range than the tank focused ones. It can only be used two times per target.

Also note that this spell doesnt damage allies.

One of the strongest AOE spells for sacrier, for 4 AP you can pull targets in four direction and 1-3 tiles away towards yourself. Combine this with motion sickness and you will deal an tremendous amount of damage to multiple targets. This spell also increases your lock by 20% each time you cast it.

Remember that motion sickness only triggers when the target is actually pulled at least 1 tile.

Also note that this spell doesnt damage allies.

Our 5 AP AOE shielding spell, the AOE is a 1 tile box around the Sacrier. This spell generates shields per enemy hit, collonades armor generation got buffed to some extent which have made the spell a good alternative armor generating spell when fighting multiple enemies.

Also note that this spell doesnt damage allies.

The hard hitting 4 AP 1 WP earth spell, while the damage is considerable low compared to the other spells its certainly a hard hitting ST spell. The strength of the spell doesn't lie with the damage output but rather the shield generation, which also is the highest for all the earth spells. This spell also needs to hit an enemy to generate shields and it can only be used once per target.


Air spells revolves around positioning and combination damage, this achieved by combining motion sickness which is the core of the air spells to deal devestating damage to enemies.

Rippling Tattoo
This is a heavy hitting 4 AP ST spell, with a solid base damage of 100(125 with a critical hit) it can also be buffed further, this is achieved by applying motion sickness to the desired target, which will make the base damage 130(162 with a critical hit). The spell can only be used twice per turn and the range is modifiable.

Motion Sickness
The core of the air spells, with a cost of 2 AP you can use it on yourself for +1range and 21 stacks of motion sickness which lasts 2 turns. By casting it on yourself you can transfer it to allies/enemies with sacrifice, assault, spiritual tempest, insanity and attraction.

The spell can also be used offensively with a fixed range of 0 to 4, it got a base damage of 46(57 on a critical hit). The maximum amount of motion sickness a target can have is 42, which also means the target if its an enemy will suffer 42 base damage everytime the sacrier moves or moves another target which is affected by motion sickness.

For motion sickness to apply it will need to move the actual target, this means that stabilisations will render motion sickness useless due to no movement.

Our semi spammable 3 AP spell, with a base damage of 75(93 on a critical hit) it can hit really hard when combined with motion sickness. Apart from this the spell got a fixed range of 1 to 5 and it doesn't turn the targets gaze towards the Sacrier anymore which is a great way to gain backstab. The spell also got 2 uses per target. 

Also note that this spell doesnt damage allies.

Spiritual Tempest
This is a 4 AP AOE spell which functions similarly but different with insanity. It will move the targets in relation to the middle of the AOE which is a 5 tiles cross shape, this requires the targets to be on opposite sides of the AOE. Combine this with motion sickness and you can deal tremendous amount of damage by moving yourself, the enemy or an ally(it doesn't deal damage to allies but it will trigger motion sickness on an enemy if you got motion sickness on yourself). This spell can also be used to gain backstab of a single/multiple targets and it can only be cast twice per turn.

By using the passive mobility this spell will become a pushing spell instead, but with a cost of 4AP its quite the costly pushing spell, the high base damage can make up for it and pushing a target will trigger motion sickness. 

Also note that this spell doesnt damage allies.

This is one of the heavy hitting AOE spell of the air branch, it can be used at 6 AP 1 WP with a base damage of 138(172 with a critical hit). By using motion sickness on yourself you can reduce the AP cost of the spell to 2 AP 1 WP, the damage is also lowered down to 69(86 on a critical hit).

The spell can also be used to efficently jump around the map for a low cost when combined with motion sickness. Keep in mind that the spell got a cast limit of 1 per turn, with the mobility passive this will become 2 per turn.


This active used to cost 2MP and now it costs 2AP instead, a great positioning spell that can be used both defensively and offensively to either protect or to kill. The range on the active is modfiable which makes the active weak against range reducing enemies, the active can also just pull a maximum of 6 tiles.

While theres been alot of nerfing on this spell in the past, I personally think this is a strong improvement, this is due to the high base range on the spell. This spell costs 3AP, got modifiable range and got 2 turns cooldown, so its best to use it strategically.

Bold Punishment
This active is the DD related active of the Sacrier, it gives you 3% dmg dealt and -6 resistance per hit you take, this maxes out at 100 stacks which means you got 100% dmg dealt and -200 resistances. This will increase your damage dramatically but will make you really squishy if you are not tanky to begin with. By using the passive sacrier's heart you can begin to store "flame return" while using bold punishment, "flame return" stacks up to 5.000 and can be released for a large damaging AOE that covers all the melee tiles around the sacrier.

Bloodthirsty Punishment
This active is the tank related active for the Sacrier. It gives a solid 30% reduction on all forms of damage that you take, in exchange it will store the 30% damage in the sacrier's heart and on the end of your next turn you will take 1/2 of the amount stored in the sacrier's heart this is what we call bleeding. The bleed effect will hit your shields if you got any, and by deactivating the active you will bleed 1/2 of the stored amount under the shields if you had any. With the passive sacrier's heart you will gain additional 60 resistance and 40% heals received.

Sanguine Armor
The new mass armoring spell for Sacrier. It gives a solid 15% of your max HP as armor and it increases your lock by 100% while stabilizing the Sacrier. But the active also got 3 turns cool down so it's best to use it wisely.

The amount of armor gained can be affected by burning armor which will increase the amount of armor gained by 60%.

Keep in mind that this stabilisation does not apply destabilised state. And recent discoveries have revealed that stabilisation state is stackable, this means the sacrier can still be hit by stabilisation spells even when the sacrier is stabilised.


Most of the passives got 2 stages too them, they will passively evolve when you reach a certain lvl, in this segment I will cover both unevolved and evolved(showed by lvl 1 and lvl 2)

This passive is quite simple and it consists of two parts:
Part 1 is an increase in damage dealt, this is done by increasing the amount of damage dealt from strong blood by multiplying it by 2(lvl1) or 3(lvl2).
Part 2 is a solid increase in dodge, this is done by increasing our dodge by 1% per 1angrrr, this means that at 100 angrrr(20% HP) we will have 100% increase in dodge.

Tattoed Blood
This passive is our HP increasing passive, this passive also consist of two parts:
Part 1 is a huge boost to our HP, 400% of your lvl at lvl 1 and 600% of your lvl at lvl 2, for a lvl 200 Sacrier this will mean a boost of 1.200 HP.
Part 2 is an increase to our block chance, 10% at lvl 1 and 20% at lvl 2.

With no lvl 1 or lvl 2 distinction, this passive will give the same benefits from when you first unlock it til you reach lvl 200. With this passive you will gain combat rage from enemies hitting you too, the amount of combat rage generated follows the same rules as explained in the Strong blood section, this will greatly speed up the WP regen. The passive also makes you distance mastery equal to your melee mastery, effectively letting you use melee mastery at range.

This passive will let you use assault with no line of sight, which means you can hit through people and walls/objects. It will also turn spiritual tempest into a push from the center of the AOE, this will also trigger motion sickness if you got it on yourself. The lvl 2 version of the passive will increases the cast limit of lightspeed from 1 use per turn to 2 uses per turn.

Blood Pact
There exists two parts to this passive, one is an increase of HP per ally in your group 80% of your lvl per ally at lvl 1 and 120% of your lvl per ally at lvl 2, a lvl 200 sacrier with 5 allies in the group will gain 1.200 HP. The second part of the passive lets it modify the spell bloodthirsty fury, this spell will now cost 1 ap and doesn't require line of sight.

Sacrier's Heart
This passive will boost our punishments effects, bloodthirsty punishment will receive an increase to resistances and heals received, the bonus is 40res(lvl1)/60res(lvl2) and 20%(lvl1)/40%(lvl2) heals received. Bold punishment will store the flame return from your fire spells in the Sacrier's heart, it will store a maximum of 5.000 and when bold punishment is deactivated it will deal 5.000 damage to everything(except allies) in melee range of the Sacrier. It can also be affected by block which will reduce the damage by 20%.

A straight forward passive that increases the Sacrier's range by 1. It also lets the Sacrier regenerate 3% of missing HP per target with motion sickness on them, this can be allies and enemies. The maximum amount we can regenerate is 8%(lvl1) or 12%(lvl2). 

Combining this with sacrifice will alllow you to spread out motion sickness to allies.

Burning Armor
This passive will increase the amount of armor generated by 20%(lvl1) and 60%(lvl2), this will boost all forms of armor that the Sacrier can generate this also includes prevention from the bonus turns. It will also inflict 20% of your armor in fire damage when combat rage reaches 20, in a 5 tile cross shape around the Sacrier, this means that 10k armor = 2k fire damage on a 0% resistance it will get lower the more resistance the enemy got.

Our berserk passive, it will increase our berserk mastery by 80(lvl1) or 240(lvl2). It will also increase our damage by 15% towards targets with more %HP than ourselves.

Clinging to life
This passive is no longer the "safety net" for Sacriers, this is due to the invincible part of the passive got removed, this means Sacrier dies when their HP reaches 0. 

As for the passive itself it triggers when we reach 100 angrrr which is 20% HP and it will grant the Sacrier a one time buff of "impending death". For lvl 1 of clinging to life you will receive the Impending Death lvl 1 which gives the following: +2AP, -1MaxMP, 20% damage dealt and a shield consisting of 600% of your lvl.

For the lvl 2 version of clinging to life you will receive the following from just having the passive clinging to life in your deck when under 20% HP : +50 resistance and the damage from flame return will heal the Sacrier instead, keep in mind these buffs will only apply when the Sacrier is at 100 angrrr(20%HP). Additionally we get the Impending Death lvl 2 which gives the following: +2AP, -1MaxMP, 20% damage dealt and a shield consisting of 1200% of your lvl.

The shield is increased by using the passive burning armor.

Main Builds

Tank Build Earth/Fire and Air/Earth

As of the new update we lost our ability to reduce the enemies dodge, and we lost our old “berserk” passive which passively increased sacriers lock when we lost HP. But we gained the ability to use less earth spells to sufficiently shield ourselves, giving us room to use other spells as well. There are two different ways to build tank sacrier: the non damaging tank sacrier, and the damaging tank sacrier.

Most sacrier builds if not all sacrier builds follow the standard 10 into resistances and 40 points into HP%. You could go for barrier as well, but we got to remember that taking barrier means that we get less HP% modifier, which in turn will make us somewhat squishier. But if you absolutely want barrier then the magic number is 4, the reason is that most monsters, players and bosses will hit you around 4 times.

Like i mentioned earlier we got two different ways to build tank sacrier, for the non damaging tank sacrier you would want to focus on getting as much HP as possible. This means investing 50 points into HP which will yield +1.000HP. As for the damaging tank sacrier you would invest 20 points into Melee mastery and ST mastery, the reasoning for adding in ST mastery is that around 70% of all sacrier spells are ST related. The remaining 10 points can be invested into either HP or Elemental mastery, personally I find +200HP better than +50 elemental mastery.

For lower lvls I would say dumping all your points into lock is the best option, but for endgame sacriers it’s a lot better to go for dodge and lock, this is due to tanky gears at endgame give decent amount of dodge and lock. You could invest all into lock if you went for a non damaging tank sacrier at endgame.

For a tank sacrier regardless of build you would want to aim for the 100% block, this will let you permanently take 20% less damage. You should only invest as much points that you need into % block to reach 100%, keep in mind that tattooed blood gives 20% block too. As for the rest of the points you got two options, if you went the non damaging tank sacrier route then you should invest into both critical and rear resistance, if you went with the damaging tank sacrier route you should invest the rest of the points into berserk mastery. For Zinit gaining 100% block have become significantly harder, because of this I've opted for ALL berserk. This is to be able to deal significant damage while protecting allies.

AP, MP and Resistance is fairly standard. For non damaging tank sacrier you should invest into range. For the damaging tank sacrier you can choose between %dmg inflicted or range, %dmg inflicted will be good if you gonna PvP with your tank and it will help you deal damage even when using bloodthirsty punishment. Range will help you increase the range for sacrifice which is pivotal for tanking at Zinit.

Stats Balanced Tank/DD Earth/Fire
While this is my current tank build for zinit. Keep in mind these stats are out of combat stats, resistance will be higher when using bloodthirsty punishment. 

Gears Balanced Tank/DD Earth/Fire
For PvP or general solo grinding i usually opt for my brakmarian godron instad for 110 extra mastery. We can also switch out the ebony dofus with ochre dofus for +1range.

Headgear = Zinit Hat
Breastplate = Reinforced Shell
Boots = Easandals
Cloak = Seismic Coat
Epaulettes = Spicy Epaulettes 

Stats Full Tank/Positioner Air/Earth

Gears Full Tank/Positioner Air/Earth

Headgear = Black Dreggheadgear
Breastplate = Vampyric Breastplate
Boots = Easandals
Cloak = Seismic Coat
Epaulettes = Forgotten Epaulettes

And the reason for going 11/7 is that we will be able to use the new epic rune called "Herculian Strength" which basically gives us 300 dodge and lock for being lvl 200.

Sacrier's tank aspect revolves around the use of sacrifice, with this active you can take the damage instead of your allies which works great when combined with bold punishment(more damage) or bloodthirsty punishment(more survivability). With this in mind you will want to protect your allies with different priorities, generally this is healer, ranged dd, melee dd. Healer are ususally high priority for tank Sacrier to protect, but depending on the time and setting healers can range from low to high priority. Next up are the ranged and melee dds, generally melee dds will do just fine without sacrifice due to them most of the time being quite bulky themselves, this would make them mid to low priority for sacrifice. Ranged dds on the other hand goes from mid to high priority, this is due to them generally being squishier, and if they don't have alot of range they will most of the time end in walking distance near an enemy.

At endgame you will most of the time sacrifice A: The whole team, B: Healers and Ranged dds, C: Melee dds.

For situation A you would want to go full tank mode, should be planned before the fight even starts, your job here will be to build maximum amounts of shields everyturn.

For situation B you will have more freedom to deal damage through fire, for shielding sanguine armor and smash should be enough.

For situation C you will most of the time be close to the people you've sacrificed, so building shields are recommended. You will also focus more on positioning of enemies and allies.

For zinit archmonsters we would want to shield ourself more than usual, this is due to most mobs hitting really hard. Dont be afraid to use 3x smasher on different enemies this will give you the most amount of shields when sanguine armor is on cool down.

Keep in mind that sacrier shields that are generated through the earth tree is only strong when you've lost alot of HP, this means that most of the time using sanguine armor when at full HP is more than enough to keep you alive and then wait until you've lost half your HP before you start armoring.

Moon(Tropickle, Nyl, Kannibal and Kannivore)

For boss rooms we would want to start with bloodthirsty punishment to get our 60 res and 40% heals received bonus. If you don’t have to use sanguine armor for the stability effect then it’s best to use it the second turn, which is the turn you should have taken some damage, which will boost the earth spells shielding a little. Use CoB and insanity whenever it’s necessary. Apart from that you should shield yourself with earth spells. During sanguine armor/prevention turns you should have enough shields to deal some damage if you went for the damaging tank sacrier route.

For tropike boss you can actually ditch bloodthirsty punishment for bold punishment, the reason for this is that resistance loss can only stack up to -200 or -250 res. This basically means we can be awesome DDs while tanking this boss.

Zinit P2(Badgeroxe's lair, Or'Hodruin Volcano, Dreggon Sanctuary and Ethernal)

For these bosses you would want to maximize the use of sacrifice, this is  to protect allies from boss damage. Also you should forget about conventional tanking which is to stand in front of boss forever. Building shields isn't mandatory for badgerox dungeon due to boss hitting through the shields regardless, so it's more important to keep that motion sickness buff on yourself all the time. For Or'Hodruin, Dreggon and Ethernal dungeon you can build shields, this is due to most of the mobs and boss doesn's have any ways to hit under your shields.

In both dungeons you will mostly be a punching bag, but you can mix that up by bringing blood rush and smasher passive to dish out some decent amount of damages.

Spell decks

For Zinit P2 I usually go with this, and depending on the need I would switch around clinging to life and carrier with different passives, these are mainly burning armor for extra armor generation and smasher for more damage. If I'm using smasher in my deck then I would switch out assault for blood rush, this is to have a high damage spell. Using Rock can also be optional most of the time when you want to use rock you will be sacrificing the whole team, or the team is underpowered and can't kill the enemies quick enough. Burning armor is also good to use instead of carrier when needing high amounts of shields.

Spell deck Fire/Earth 

Spell deck Air/Earth

DD build Air/Fire or Fire/Earth

The new DD sacrier have never been stronger, with the ability to deal tremendous amount of damage with bold punishment. But DD sacrier have also become a lot squishier, due to the negative side of bold punishment.

Like always we got different ways to build a DD sacrier so I will center this part around my own build which focuses a lot on ST and berserk mastery. I've removed my pure ST build since its outdated. My 4k mastery build will be my primary build for DD now. I will keep the stat distribution for my ST build in the guide, but the pics for stats and gears will be removed. 

Like the previous build we will be investing 10 points into resistance and 40 points into HP%, I’ve seen some people using %armor HP, but since the newest update it DD sacrier have become more prone to taking dmg, so having high amount of HP will give your sanguine armor more armor per use. 

In my old build I’ve opted for ST and berserk mastery. The stats following this is 20 points into ST mastery and 30 points into elemental mastery. Now there is another way to build DD sacrier, and this build focuses more on Melee mastery, which with the passive transcendence will make Distance mastery equivalent to Melee mastery.

For the 4k and critical ogrest builds I've gone with full dmg, this means getting 20 points in ST and melee mastery and the remaining 10 in ele mastery, you can also put 10 points in HP instead, this is because 50 more ele mastery becomes a bit redundant when you got 4k mastery. 200 hp means you will have more HP and hence deal more dmg over time.

I went for 20 points into initiative since I like to PvP. The rest I put into dodge+lock, the reason behind this is that I want to keep enemies close whenever I can, while being able to dodge some of them due to the dodge bonus from angrrred. For the 4k mastery build I've gone for pure dodge and lock. This is to maximize the dodge potential from angrred passive and lock potential from sanguine armor. You can also get 20 points in force of will if you want to take more MP from the opponents with cage of blood, it will also help to deny enemies from taking your MP/AP. 

Since im only using the critical ogrest build in ogrest, I've then opted for 30 points in dodge and 20 points in force of will. The reason for pure dodge is because we cant lock ogrest and having 20 force of will will help against potential mp/ap chip.

Here I’ve opted for 20 points into critical chance and the rest into berserk. Now why critical chance you might ask, well I can reach 60% critical chance which will boost my damage more than what 160 berserk mastery would. With the Zinit P2 gear change I've opted for 50 points into berserk instead, this is due to some gears that simply doesn't give enough critical chance to make 20 points in critical chance worth it. I went with 50 points in berserk for the HP berserker build.

In the critical ogrest build I've put just enough points in critical chance to reach 30% CH and then the rest in berserk, the reason for 30% is because woth the meassured epic rune and mushroom soup you will get +20% CH which is enough make full use of the ecaflips paws in ogrest which gives 50% CH.

Here you would aim for the regular AP, MP, res and range which is kinda irregular. But bear with me since 10% damage dealt can easily be gained back with bold punishment, which will give us room for more range for our range modifiable spells.

Stats Zinit High mastery build
Usually I will use you fire/earth for ogrest, but normally I would have fire/air masteries. Fire/air also works for ogrest, you will be squishier due to lower amounts of shields, but you will be dealing more consistent damage. 

Gears Zinit High mastery build

Headgear = Zinit Hat
Breastplate = Reinforced Shell
Boots = Easandals
Cloak = Seismic Cloak
Epaulettes = Spicy Epaulettes

By switching out the Daggasser + brakmarian dragon with Ashenshield + milimoowolf you will become quite tanky. Using Potanicloakery will boost the ST mastery, but I find the amount of general mastery on seismic cloak to be worth the trade off.

Also the main benefit of my build is the 3.6k mastery before berserk, this way you can deal damage before berserk and be a strong DD from the beginning of a fight, when you finally reach berserk area you will gain another 800 berserk mastery for more dmg.

Stats Critical Chance Ogrest Build

This build Is focusing on getting up to 50% critical chance through the use of the Epic measured rune and the chef recipe Mushroom soup, add in the effect from ecaflips paws and you got 100% critical chance with massive amounts of mastery.

Gears Critical Chance Ogrest  Build

Breastplate = Reinforced Shell
Boots = Easandals
Cloak = Seismic Cloak
Epaulettes = Exhumelettes

Sacrier's DD aspect revolves around taking alot of damage with bold punishment active, with this in mind we can use sacrifice to stack up our sacrier's heart faster, this will come at the cost of taking more damage and potentially dying faster. The priority for sacrifice should be the melee dds, since those are most prone to take damage. As a fire/air dd you will focus on both positioning and damage dealing, damage dealing through fire and positioning with motion sickness damage through air. 

One core thing to keep in mind for air/fire dds is to keep motion sickness on ourself. The reason for this is that we need to be mobile so that we can hit with our linear spells.

For ogrest your best bet as sacrier is to be fire/earth or earth/air, the reason for this is that for us to deal sufficient dmg we need to use bold punishment and as always this will reduce our resistances by a lot. By having earth spells available we can potentially shield ourself sufficiently and dish out high damage, this will also make it safer to use punishment at 20% hp.

Spell decks 
This is the DD deck I normally use when I'm in the regular dungeon rooms. For my 1v1 PvP deck I would only switch out blood pact and sacrifice with Sacrier's heart and Sacrier's fist, these changes are mostly for mobility and damage.

For boss rooms we would want to maximize our bold punishment and hit with our strongest spell combos whenever possible.

High mastery deck

Critical Chance Ogrest Deck

This deck focuses on bringing out the very best of the sacrier damage potential and survivability.

ALS Builds

This section will cover all my ALS builds, this might help you for gearing your characters during those levels.

LVL 80(Stats, Gears, Decks): Air/Earth
Headgear = Casmunt
Amulet = Korbotmulet
Breastplate = Kreublo Plumage
Ring Right = Laroproc
Ring Left = Ratical Ring
Boots = Anti UH Boots(Relic)
Cloak = Limited Edition Cape(Epic)
Epaulettes = Tryx
Belt = Korbelt
Shield = Rife
Weapon = Shootelsewere
Emblem = Sacrier Emblem

LVL 110(Stats, Gears, Decks): Earth/Fire
Headgear = Gobbalrog Helmet
Amulet = Whispered Amulet
Breastplate = Milkar Fur
Ring Right = Commanche
Ring Left = Magmog Halo
Boots = Black Crow's Boots
Cloak = Splendocape(Epic)
Epaulettes = Black Crow's Epaulettes
Belt = Gobbalrog Belt
Shield = The Mogmatic
Weapon = Rogmourne
Emblem = Meridia Ensignia(Relic)

LVL 140(Stats, Gears, Decks): Air/Fire
Headgear = Dethkap
Amulet = The Dream Drhell
Breastplate = Sage Breastplate
Ring Right = Drhellzerker Ring
Ring Left = Sage Ring
Boots = Sage Boots
Cloak = Cloak Orporal(Epic)
Epaulettes = Stimpaulettes(Relic)
Belt = Sage Belt
Shield = Sage Shield
Weapon = The Spin Ache Sword
Emblem = Emeraldin Emblem

LVL 170(Stats, Gears, Decks): Air/Fire
Headgear = Dora Borette
Amulet = Raging Amulet
Breastplate = Frenzied Breastplate
Ring Right = Sixtooth Ring
Ring Left = Raging Ring
Boots = Olasrate Shoes
Cloak = Blood Cape
Epaulettes = Epaulettes of Lord Cuhkol
Belt = Wounded Straps(Relic)
2H Weapon = Jo Bar(Epic)
Emblem = Black Crow Emblem

17/05-2017- 09/06-2017
Added additional information on dmg combos
Started on spell section
Finished spell section
11/06-2017 - 16/06-2017
Started how to be sacrier at zinit p2
Removed Picchiaduro´s build since hes been inactive for some time now
Added Zinit builds
02/07-2017 - 12/07-2017
Removed MS+insanity dmg calculations. Updated builds.
Removed Moon Tank build due it being outdated. Finished Passive section.
25/07-2017 - 21/12-2017
Updated builds, playstyles and gears
Updated builds so its more up to date with my current builds.
Added nightly builds(aka dumb builds I threw together on method)
Updated the 4k build with mineral tower items.
05/01-2018 - 26/02-18
Added two new builds
Updated stats/gears
Added Spell combinations
Removed Nightly builds
05/04-2018 - 06/07-2018
Updated the guide for the recent sacrier changes, removed secondary resistance and tri elemental build from the guide. Also Removed spell combinations, updated ogrest build.
Finished ALS section, added HP Berserker build
16/03-2019 - 
Updated Full tank build
Adding a new HP berserk build
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Score : 713

Thank you so much for this guide!

I have a question though. For your high resistance build, how are you able to achieve 6 MP without the MP from a BP?

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Score : 2779

Good question! Forgot to mention there that I'm using velocity metamorfos.

6 -5
Score : 1359

Hi Satji <3 o/
Apart from mp metamorfos u went full zerk on the rest of runes?

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Score : 2779

Soutji* cool 
But yes in my DD build I've opted for Berserk metamorfos, in my tank build I've used up all my DD runes for velocity metamorfos (you need 9 for lvl 90 = 1mp). This is mostly to let me use my support runes for other stuff like initiative(DD build) and lock/HP(Tank build)

6 -5
Score : 663

Nice guide~ Res is quite important for both DD and tank now.
BTW, is tatoo useful for boss fight? I usually end up spamming tatoo for moon boss.

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Score : 2779

Thanks! While res can be good for survival, but it's certainly not mandatory. High amounts of HP can make up for the lack of resistances, and with bold punishment DD sacriers will be squishy anyways. This is where clinging to life comes into play as a safety net ensuring that you will be hitting the enemy when youre at your strongest which is 100 stacks of bold punishment.

Also I find rippling tattoo mostly useful for either grozepin or nyl king, but requires some set up for the best possible damage. You could use a full on air combo against any boss with this: MS on yourself --> sanguine armor for stabilization(only if the target can be moved by assault, if the target cant be moved by assault then use BtF to boost rippling tattoo with 25%) --> assault --> rippling tattoo, now you should have +1 range and have a base damage of 226 on turn one, 278 if you get a crit on both. On turn two is where the fun is at: BtF --> rippling tattoo --> BtF --> rippling tattoo will net about 325 base damage, 408 base damage if you get a crit on both.

Otherwise I would try using using blood rush, CoB, punishment, MS + insanity or even rocky foot. Although the most important thing is to maintain motion sickness on yourself for easy get aways with light speed.

Although the strongest combo that a sacrier can currently pull of is assault x2 with motion sickness on yourself --> BtF --> punishment which will net you 572 base damage(694 if you get a crit on everything), or insanity x3 with motion sickness on yourself which will net about 528 base damage(618 if you get a crit on everything). Keep in mind these combos requires you to set up one turn in advance since its important to have MS stacked up to 42 on the target and 42 stacks of MS on yourself for the insanity combo, so knowing when and how to start your setup is key for sacrier.

Keep in mind the combos I mentioned is for 12 ap builds.

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Score : 5391

Any real reason you settled for single target instead of melee?

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Score : 2779

Found it to be the best of both worlds(melee/distance), sure the transcendence passive is nice and all, but I rather have that passive slot for something else. Also a big driver for going ST for me at least is that I went with air/fire which mostly uses ST spells and with the abundance of ST + berserk gear I found it natural to go for ST instead of melee.

Although melee is a nice way to go too, the benefits are mostly more resistances and you can use ms+insanity more easily. 

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Score : 17

I love this ! nice job biggrin 
Passive priority taking only 5 spaces? in DD build

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Score : 2779

For me at least the 4 first passives are what i mostly use in most of my decks, tank deck is somewhat different when tanking bosses, but the same when doing 1v1 PvP or solo mobs.

My 5th and 6th passive is generally where optimize myself for the situation im going into:

1v1 PvP I would need more damage so using sacrier's heart will help me, carnage will help me fight against armor classes. Could also use initiative to catch people off guard.

When im in a group I would focus more on my own survival, which means I will take blood pact for more HP and the 50% dmg reduction when sacrificing multiple targets. And I would either take carnage for damage, carrier for heals 3% missing hp per motion sick target(this combos well with sacrifice), initiative for sacrificing your allies early so they dont have to worry about taking damage or use sacrier's heart for that burst damage.

Also generally I would never say use X-passive to be Y-stronger and Z-better. I find theres a wide variety of builds sacrier can be when going DD, since some spells works better in tandem with other passives.

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Score : 3971

nice guide sout,welcome to the bestguide club cool

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Score : 2779

Thanks Elra! laugh

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Score : 1

Noob question here, why do u use punishment in the tank deck?

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Score : 2779

For PvE its mostly to fill out my deck, I use it in the situations where im at low HP (20%) and something have to die. Also I'm just a huge fan of punishment hence why I use it in ALL my decks. tongue

For PvP its essential for sacrier, its a huge dmg spike and will be part of your strongest dmg combos whenever youre at 20% HP.

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Score : 33

How smooth is tanking late game content as sacrier in pve? would you mind telling me the highs and lows as full tank sacrier. I really want to be the main tank a sacrier but im just wondering if all the tools he has available is enough to tank most late game content, does he need certain things in the party or he has all he needs when it comes to move the boss lock him and all the wonderfull things a tank needs to do. I would appreciate your help because i really want to invest time and kamas in this dream (being the main tank and the only one in the party as sacrier).
Thanks in advance.

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Score : 2779

Sacrier is definently capable to tank all late game content, the recent rework gave us all the tools necessary to both tank and most importantly lock endgame bosses. We can move and place boss ourself, but getting help to move the boss is always appreciated since it frees up AP we can use on making shields or dmg boss/mobs. 

5 -5
Score : 33

At wich level  can i start tanking 170 or 185?

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Score : 2779

You can tank at any lvl given that you got high resists, HP and lock. The need for a tank becomes more prominent when you get too moon which means you're around lvl 170+.

6 -5
Score : 1856

Decent guide, I see you like to PVP. I Would love a 1v1 when the servers merge. Hit me up @ Jed from NOX if they do merge biggrin 

Also, this is personal preference but, for me at least, I came to the conclusion that any form of damage is unnecessary for a full tank sac. This is especially true if your party already has decent damage dealers. I find it much more efficient to go stright up defensive stats all the way, including investing points in crit resistance and rear resistance. This way I can sacrifice all the squishies in my party and pretty much just go afk till they win lol.

0 0
Score : 2779

Thanks! Looking forward to it then! biggrin

While I think full tank is nice and all, hence why I put in ways to make a full HP non damaging tank sacrier in the guide, it doesnt really cut it for me in PVP at least. Personally I would always lean towards the dmging tank since I only got 3 attribute pages and im using them all for different builds and dealing next to 0 dmg as a sac doesnt really feel right for me. tongue

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Score : 255

i think the new insanity spell in beta doesn't trigger MS twice per use sad

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Score : 2779

Havent personally tested spells in beta yet, but if thats the case then its about time! I've always felt a bit weird getting pulled my self when I used this spell.

Damage wise this means that you will have to pull two targets to get the same effect as the old version.

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Score : 33

bring back pichaduro's build QQ

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Score : 2779

Hello! Picchiaduro have been inactive for some time now, and I couldnt update his part which have made it outdated. sad

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Score : 1
do you think about my build guys ?

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Score : 2283

On average, critical hit runes don't pay off and you're better off investing in fury runes considering they grant 30 mastery instead of the usual 20.

I would also question the points in armor and acuity morfos albeit the latter bothers me less than the former.

I'm also not a fan of Asse Shoes since they don't have any lock/dodge on them and you can have just as much mastery, more lock/dodge and block with the Easandals while using Tramontaring as epic for better resist.

The rest seems like a decent build.

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Score : 4


I see Sacrier  builds follow mostly the same pattern.
I didn't play since 2011 and im just beggining to create my DD Sacrier, so I loocked around.
But I still have some questions.I do get the lock and dodge point, but what about invest points
in lock and dodge and lock and dodge separately for example (only a thought, not as I plan):
lock and dodge 30, initaitve 10, lock 5, dodge 5?

I was thinking of some thing like this:

Inteligance: %Hp 40, elemental resistance 10 (is barrier any good?)
Strenght: elemental mastery 30, single target 10, close combat 10 or
elemental mastery 20, single target 15, close combat 15 (can't decide which is more effective)
Agility: lock and dodge 40, initaitve 10
Chance (this is the part i have problems whit) : %critical 20, critical mastery 10 or 5, berserk 20 or 25
Major: action points 1, movement and damage 1, %damage 1, elemental resistance 1

This are the stats I want to go with. Im just asking for advice with some problems that are on my mind and some advice\sugestions for equipment enhancements becouse I didn't really think of any yet.

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Score : 2779

Hello there!

Indeed most builds are built up similarly but with slight adjustments depending on the player. Doing 5 in lock and 5 in dodge will yield you 30 stats, add in the 30 in lock and dodge then you should have 150 dodge and lock. This amount is 10 lower than spending 40 points in dodge and lock which would yield 160 dodge and lock.

Barrier can be good if youre getting hit by attacks that deal low amount of dmgs, although %HP is arguably the best way to go with sacrier, but if you want barrier then the magic number is 4.

As for your strenght tab, to me it looks like youre trying to min/max your stats here but remember that secondary mastery give 8 mastery per point while general mastery gives 5. Your current setups gives you a stat distribution like this: 30 x 5 = 150 gen. Mastery and (10 x 8)2 = 160 with a total of 310 or your other setup 20 x 5 = 100 and (15x8)2 = 240 amd a total of 340. Doing 20 st and melee will yield 320 mastery, add in the optional 10 in general mastery and you will have 370 mastery in total from the strenght tab alone.

For your agility suggestion if you value ini that much then by all means go for it, but question is how much you will get out of 40 ini.

For chance its generally better to go with berserk over critical mastery, just remember that everytime you dont score a critical hit is 30 - 25 points wasted. Also going for critical chance just because you want to have some crits doesnt mean that its viable.

Your majors looks fine as it is, might want to consider getting range instead of %dmg dealt.

As for gears you should either aim for melee+st gears, pure ST is also viable.

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Score : 31

Wich éléments have you choice on the Shield?

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Score : 2779

Hello there! My Ashenshield got the fire/earth/water elements

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Score : 30

Hey Soutji, first of all, thank you for that amazing build. It helped me a lot. But I have one question for the tank sacrier, especially the bloodthirsty
​​​​​​punishment active.
I am always asking my self if it is worth deactivating the passive and reactivating it again for me to take less bleed damage. Is it worth and up to what point is it worth?

2 0
Score : 2779

Hello there!

It is definitely worth to deactivate the punishment and reactivating it, the reason for this is to keep the bleed dmg low. If you don't deactivate the punishment then you will soon find yourself with the maximum amount which is 10k.

Another good thing with deactivating the punishment is that the bleed dmg will go under armor, this basically means you will have stronger shields the next turn due to having less HP. This is also a great way to activate clinging to life on your own terms!

I will add this information to the guide under the WIP Earth/Air tank build smile

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Score : 6744

Thanks a lot for this variety of builds. It helped me a lot to find my own playstyle and adjust it more and more to fit my wishes.

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Score : 2779

Im glad it helped you! smile

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Score : 57

After the changes do you have any advices about the ms+insanity combos ? Also good guide thank you


Miichaelle|2018-06-17 11:36:14
If ms + insanity was your primary way of dealing dmg, then id suggest you switch over to ms + tempest, you get "almost" the same output as the old ms + insanity. 

ms + insanity will most likely only be used in niche scenarios where you can pull multiple enemies.


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Score : 2779

If ms + insanity was your primary way of dealing dmg, then id suggest you switch over to ms + tempest, you get "almost" the same output as the old ms + insanity. 

ms + insanity will most likely only be used in niche scenarios where you can pull multiple enemies.

1 0
Score : 20

I'm thinking about an Air/Earth sacrier to be an offtank/ damage dealer in my team.
Is possible to have some good dmg with Air/Earth? It seems to be only positioning and tank.


Miichaelle|2018-07-09 04:12:30
You wont get the top tier damage, but you can certainly deal damage with air/earth, the main damage source will come from motion sickness.

Try using the passive mobility with spiritual tempest and insanity, first you pull the targets in with insanity, then you push them out again with tempest and then you pull them once more. Remember to always have the motion sickness buff on yourself for maximum damage.

So i shouldnt focus on ST damage? As my priority skills are AOE.

I'm building a set to my 160 air/earth sacrier and i'm not sure what should o focus on the set. 

My team is Eni, Fogger, Cra, Feca, Iop, Sacrier

Is Air / Earth the best option for me? I'm 160-170 with them all.
1 0
Score : 2779

You wont get the top tier damage, but you can certainly deal damage with air/earth, the main damage source will come from motion sickness.

Try using the passive mobility with spiritual tempest and insanity, first you pull the targets in with insanity, then you push them out again with tempest and then you pull them once more. Remember to always have the motion sickness buff on yourself for maximum damage.

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