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How to make my Sacrier fun to play?

By Brisant - MEMBER - March 22, 2016, 19:09:15

Hello everybody.

I come to you to ask a way to make my Sacrier both fn and useful in its own way, if even possible.

Right now I have a Water/Air Masqueraider, Air/Fire Iop and Earth/Fire Sacrier. Of all my three 170+ characters, the Sacrier is the one that I'm least satisfied with.

As you could imagine, I am not in need of another damage dealer, so changing to Fire/Air is not what I'm looking for. My Sacrier right now is, at least in PVE, in practicality a monoelemental earth. I have Fire Spells leveled up to max, of course, but I rarely use them except if the enemy is weak to Fire or I need to use Cage of Blood.

Also, while Earth is fun I think it's pretty mindless for me right now. I mostly spam the spell that better fits the situation (being an AoE or a single target spell) and not much else. Maybe I'm playing it wrong, I'd love some tips if you have any.

The idea I have is to change into Air/Earth, but I would want some guidelines on this since I'm afraid to change all my setup only to find that the debuffs provided by the passives make me not competitive in tanking nor map control.

If Air/Earth is an acceptable option, what equipment should I get? My Sacrier is 173 right now, but I'm aiming for whatever is good in the 170 ~ 180 range.

Thanks in advance!

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