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In need of a gear-wise advice

By Blasting-Veles - MEMBER - October 18, 2015, 01:38:25

Hello there my fellow bloody brothers and sanguine sisters.

I'm currently playing as agile air/earth damage dealer and positioner.
Here is my deck:

I like my deck as it is. Its versatile, great for ranged damage and map control, and with a smasher passive, I believe, earth can kick far more then fire (flaming is too unreliable).

However, there is a problem. I can't reliably pick a second damage stat. I use both ranged and melee and while spells tend to be more single targetish I just can't miss an opportunity to strike with tempest's sweet aoe or use lightning speed. Also, colonnades are great and only earth ranged spell.

In additional, with the release of new moon content, I find myself using earth less and less. Its just too dangerous to be near those psykokos and cannibals. So while it looks like I should have more resists, new gear offers less then old pieces.

And after all it looks like I start to fall off in damage terms, to a level of a greedy enu, in which I'm no really fond of.

So help me my brothers and sisters. Should I refine my deck to be more optimal for secondary damage? Should I just recklessly gear on into moon island pieces, hoping higher health will compensate resistance loss? Or are we on a weaker side, never to catch up dragon osa's and rogue's damage?

I will take any advices, but would prefer specific examples in gear or spell.

Here are my current stats and gear:
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I suppose you may want to try being a ranged semi-tank.
First of all, I'd suggest using the -range passive(s), especially Blood Pact in teams to improve your durability and shield abilities, likely instead of Smasher (and maybe Carrier) so you wouldn't have to be afraid of CC'ing the mobs.
Secondly, I would suggest using The Asse Shield, Pheno Stem (or GKC and stay with your weapon), Golden Belt is a good option too if you need range in order to improve both your durability (Golden Belt is a tanky ranged item, just like Asse Shield) and Range greatly. Also, I would suggest using the AP breastplate from Moon, Jinnun Tunic.

Hmm but seeing that you don't exactly have MP major... I suppose you should take it instead of Final Damage if you would go for AP breastplate and tank+range relic/epic combo.

I know you can't find info about Moon stuff in the internet so here it is:

Or you could stay on the DD route biggrin and invest in items like The Bygone Hand, Capellooni (it gives AP i just scrolled down to see resists), Dora Borette, Kevlooni Vest and such, basically you would want all the Kanniball boss items if you want your Motion sickness, Smash to hit intense (even though it would weaken your Light Speed).

Don't judge me based on level in this account biggrin
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That's... actually pretty refreshing point of view, thanks Blazak. Never thought of losing APs on epic/relics for range to regain them with chest piece/global passive. Though sacrier can't be a good positioner and a good tank at the same time, due how crucial carrier passive is.

Anyway, you are right, I don't want to be a tank+ positioner, I want to be DD+positioner. Don't look at my earth tree as coagulation stacker, treat it as self harmless fire branch. Yes, I use lonesadida and do know what moon gear are, the thing is I'm not sure how good single target can be if I prefer to aoe with tempest if its plausible.

Does it make any sense to go for range damage and be mono air? I'm not so sure of it, though there is no great distinction between highest and lowest resist on moon mobs.

What are comfort resists/health for melee characters (iop/sram/fire sacrier) to survive the fray of koko and cannibal dungeons? Or does it depend on having a really good healer (we have a masq as the only healer in our party)?

Oh, and by the way, how do people treat Bygone Hand? Does it provide enough damage to outweight the loss of exotic stats that cripple final build?

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Hmm yeah, I simply forgot about tempest, STD for :wind: Sac is barely an option. Going for multiple Kanilooni equips would be a bad idea in that case. Bygone provides A LOT of damage to compensate for loss of exotic stats, especially knowing that the Sacrier has no need for control (range may be a problem but meh).

I didn't know that lonesadida was back up, soz xd

It's possible to tank/semi-tank with carrier passive, but I think its pretty damn awkward (you can cancel the coag debuff with blood pact coag buff, rock passive buff).

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Imo, if you trying to be a dpt setup sacrier, I would go Mono Air max range max distant damage.

I also would go 13/6 with a spell deck similar to this:


With +2 range from passives, +1 from stat, + 1 weapon, + 1 ammy that 5 range. You can opt for the + range ring and + range boots for absurd +7 range sacrier or even if +8 if you opt for a range helm over that uber distant damage helm.

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Would this setup also work with a tri-build? I'm Fire/Air right now, but I intend to go Tri to be somewhat tanky with coagulation stacks, I'm currently sitting at level 119, but I'm not sure what gear to get and am currently using my old Crobak/Yecht set.

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