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Is my Fire-Sacrier doing ok?

By ZargatanaS June 04, 2014, 15:07:24
I'm currently level 50 and I'm eyeing towards +1 AP and+1 MP at level 51..

* fire skills are all level 50..
* air skills are around level 20's..
* earth skills are all single digit..
* specialty skills are level 9 Attraction, level 20 Angrrr.. with 55 points to stat.. but I'm still a bit confused to what should I stat next..
* I'm still stuck at Gobbal Set because I can't find anything good enough to replace the +1 AP and the fire damagebonuses of Gobball Set..
* 4MP and 7AP..
* i still haven't had a respec so any modifications would definitely be considered..
question, am I doing ok? if not, what can I do to improve my Sacrier.. thanks in advance.. smile
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Well, I don't know Sac's very well, but as for gear, general stuff I would suggest are:

Lvl 15: Gobbal (1ap) or Tofu (1mp)
Lvl 35: Royal Gobbal (1ap) or Royal Tofu (1mp)
Lvl 40: Imperial Shin Larva (1ap)
Lvl 55: Imperial Gobbal AND Imperial Tofu (both worn at same time) (1ap and 2mp)
Lvl 68: Infernal AND Divine Tofu (both worn at same time) (2ap, 1mp, 37 wisdom)

These are sets I keep on myself at all times for when I make new characters.
The Lvl 40, 55, and 68 sets are all general damage, so they help all classes.

- Kat
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Kat why are you here...?

Imo, don't stat an ap, or unstat the ap later on. The goal is 9 ap. at level 90ish, this can be done easily with an AP weapon, and the moowolf set. Without ap statted that brings you to 9, for fury/punish/rush, or triple blood rush.

Next, dump everything you've got into Blood Pact. It's easily our best passive for levelling early and late game. After that, transposition is amazing too.

Raise your earth skills. It gives you resistance, which will help a lot later on.

Gob set's AP isn't all that necessary. There's definitely some good fire damage gear at 51 that can top most of gob. Make sure to look at Wakfu-Elements for more info on fire sets between 45 and 55.

MP boots would be nice.

AP ammy later on, maybe 70's.

might want to think about kit skill.

Make sure to focus on statting crits or int.
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HateSpawn|2014-06-05 00:42:36
Kat why are you here...?
Kat's tend to meander around. Honestly no idea why I'm here.

- Kat
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step 1 get lumino
step 2 get punishment
step 3 get cling
step 4 fight something
step 6 punish
step 7 die and punish again
step 8 res urself with lumino punish again
step 9 collect all the exp and be godlike sac
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a lot of ppl say to go 9 ap. this makes no sense to me. go 10.
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That's fucking dumb.

1 AP stat for 10 consumes 25% worth in damage. This allows you to fury before a blood rush on punishment turns.

if for one turn, you use fury rush rush rush and for every other turn you use fury punish rush

having 25% more for every spell is worth dropping fury in the first instance and the implied fury that cant hit the target

10 AP's best use is for a 4 spells sacrier who wants to compensate for only having 6 MP in a kiter meta by using Cage Of Blood at a reasonably high level (maxing the spell is still a horrid idea)

in any case for pve 10 ap is a pretty huge let down
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