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End-Game Air/Earth Build

By Blankman01 May 06, 2014, 08:25:06
As the title says, this thread's going to contain a build I came up with for end-game that hybridizes Air and Earth. The reason I'm even bothering to put this up is to get feedback from you all, as I'm not fully sure if what I've got works well or not. But without further ado, here's the build:

Spells and Levels
Motion Sickness, 145
Assault, 135
Rejectattoo, 135
Rocky Foot, 135
Colonnades, 145

The rest of the spells in Air and Earth are maxed at 35 while everything in Fire is 30-31.

Sanguine Armor
Tattooed Blood
Blood Pact
Clinging to Life

Stat Points
1 AP
1 MP
20 Critical Hit
42 Strength and Agility
2 Initiative just to use the rest of the points

So that's pretty much it. If anyone thinks there's any improvements that can be made to this I'm more than open. I was mainly wanting the build itself to be Air heavy out of personal preference though, so please keep that in mind if you respond with any alterations. Thanks in advance.

Edit: Herp derp. I totally didn't even notice that I did the same topic a few down. x_x
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I don't primary air (I chose fire/earth), but can you explain why you would level rejectattoo and not sacrier's fist?

Generally speaking, the extra damage you can get from doing rejectattoo + MS I don't think will be worth it (it's only one square moved), but usually it's best to save your pushback moves as utility (because you might use it on an ally for positioning). With both attraction and rejectattoo maxed, you're going to have to inflict some serious damage on them when transpo isn't available (generally speaking, at range 1).

Sacrier's fist also has the added benefit of being a cheap movement spell that can move you up to 4 spaces with 2 AP/1 MP, useful for saving yourself an MP if, for example, you can sac fist to get in line with an enemy to MS + whatever.

Rocky foot I guess I can see (though I think unless you're really serious about tanking, there's little reason to get it because its damage is so low), and I'm guessing you're taking colonnades just for some AoE, but why no smasher? Smasher is basically going to be your hardest-hitting spell and is pretty decent overall.
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Just out of curiosity, why not put anything into angrr. Thought that was a must for sacriers.
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I think it would be possible to swap Clinging to Life with Angrr if that's what one would prefer. Would be good for extra damage, and since the OP put stat points in crit, I think they want to go for some damage.

To make this build more tanky, I think it would be good to put some points in Lock or Block in stead of Crits. I love Rocky Foot, because it goes so well in AP count with Transposition and Reject Tattoo. I personally use Smasher, but that's more personal preference than anything, I think..

And when going tank more, I would suggest using either Sacrifice or Life Transfer. Because you are going to want to take hits for your party members in tough situations.

~ Karah
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