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Part 2 Black Crow Survival

By KHfan22 - MEMBER - April 14, 2014, 23:20:04
Just to bring up a fun conversation.

I'd like to see a earth tank Cacrier survive Black Crow's attack as he comes down after hitting the threshold of 4000 HP.

Last night I saw an Osa get hit for around 2200+ HP. he was level 106 and had his back turned to him (He forgot to move out behind the rock).
I want to see if a Sac can survive with over 2000+ HP + Coag + Sanguine Armor + Backstab hit.


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I've seen a sacrier absorb the hit but it was sidestab, not a backstab hit. Still, should be easily possible considering the HP totals sacriers have.
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I've seen a sac survive the hit from behind on his landing, should ask him to do it again for a screeny. ;D
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I had someone sacrificed when he did it, and got hit twice due to the AoE.

and survived.
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