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Bring back Dancing sword summon

By ArsenioBarajas - MEMBER - April 06, 2014, 23:47:22
I miss the Dancing sword summon. Could sacs have at least a summon.
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I agree. Each class should and deserve have at least one summon(control) mechanism. Hell if we summon a tattoo I would be happy.
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A tattoo clone or something like that, But that would be copying srams. Thanks for supporting my suggestion. But yea the Dancing sword was awesome in dofus. Use it for long range attacks & just swap with it & tank all the way.
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They're not afraid of copying class mechanics considering both srams and masqs can summon doubles.
Score : 294
true, but Sacriers should be more unique. So copying the doubles, isnt a good idea
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bad idea.
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as much as I'd enjoy using Control, we do too much as it is.
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