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Lvl 60ish fire sac gear?

By Kakoseen March 18, 2014, 09:35:26
What would be good gear for lvl 55-65ish fire sac?
Also good to know, what would be proper gear for 70-90lvl.

I got 2 points in mp and rest in crit.
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for 55-60, try for Ebony Scara set. If you can, at that level the Justice Set becomes available as well, which has a CP requirement of 500 (not hard to get, but you might need to find an unbalanced area to gather CP at), but has really good stats for its level. And it can compliment most other sets. Even just the shoulders will last you a while.

At 70-ish, Infernal (which is great all around) and/or Lunar. Approaching 90's, try to go for moowolf.
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I gotta wear something with the ebony scara set. Imperial blibli would fit, but i think having 7mp is rather unnecessary. Justice set seems good, only 100 cp away from it, but it seems fairly expensive, not sure if i can afford it.
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Other pieces than the set stuff mentioned, you can just use to search by item slot and look at the list by level-sorting it and seeing what's best for you. Generally speaking aside from the set, the other pieces don't matter much because it'll come down to, whatever's offering the most damage of your type.
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I would say Infernal + divine tofu. Give around 98% all damage, + 5 lvl element skill and 3x wisdom . Nothing can give a better stat than this 2 item set until late game. I still wear it until lvl 104. Reason, it boost a lot wisdom and high % all damage and +5 lvl element.
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I use golden scara. Works pretty well.
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Try the Lunar Set at Lv.72 and the Nun Set at Lv.86
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