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Help with Earth Sacrier (Earth Sacrier Build)

By Lycalx March 16, 2014, 10:48:51
Hello, I've decided to make Earth Sacrier (I think, I'm new to this game so I dunno but yeah) and I need a help from you guys, what spells or characteristics(abilities and Sacrier specialities) and just how does earth works. I want from earth being good in pve and pvp is it possible?
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Alright so the idea of the earth sac is to build up coaggulation. This acts as a shield that you can use every turn. All of the earth branch's spells give coag, and you can multiply it by using the specialty called "Sanguine Armor." Earth sacs do not usually do as much damage as the fire or air branch, but their shield is there to make up for that difference.

Critical Hits on earth spells can score you some extra coag, so when you do crit and use sanguine then you will have an incredible shield. Coaggulation will also protect you from a certain amount of damage based on how high your HP is. This means that the more HP that you have, the more shield you would receive. That's 2 different ways to benefit your shield!

Another thing to take note of is the 1st two spells on the earth branch. These may give you a little less coaggulation, but they take dodge away from your opponent as well as hp. This really benefits the lock earth sacs. Most earth gear will give more lock then other elements anyways, you can stat 100 more lock, use sanguine armor to give you a shield as well as lock, and then take your enemies dodge to even improve your chances of locking them anymore! This is used for strategies & for enemies that might need distance to attack, or just to keep your enemies close.

I can try to explain the dodge/lock system incase you are interested:
(Lets pretend you are fighting your rival)

If you have 100 lock, and your rival has 100 dodge, then you have a 50% chance to lock and they have a 50% chance to dodge. Now this is the funny part... If you try to add lock to better your locking chances, then you cannot just add 1 lock for an extra 1% chance. Up until your lock and their dodge is even the cost of 1% is simply 1 lock, but if you try to better your chances, then you would need 2 more lock for 1% extra. I'm going to try and give you some examples to finish this response off. I hope it helps. This will explain how you will not need a % more lock then your opponent, but rather one number to maximize your chances.

90 lock -vs- 100 dodge = 45% chance to lock
100 lock -vs- 100 dodge = 50% chance to lock
102 lock -vs- 100 dodge = 51% chance to lock
104 lock -vs- 100 dodge = 52% chance to lock
190 lock -vs- 100 dodge = 95% chance to lock (The highest chance that you may have)
290 lock -vs- 200 dodge = 95% chance to lock
390 lock -vs- 300 dodge = 95% chance to lock
500 lock -vs- 100 dodge = 95% chance to lock

As you can clearly see, to maximize your chances to lock your opponent you only need 90 more lock than your opponent's dodge, and if you have an absurd amount of lock higher than your opponent, then your chances still remain capped at 95%.

Sorry if I bore you to death, but i figured that this info may help. Good luck to you, & have a good one!

~Fleur De Lis
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