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Fire/Earth Scarier. Is it valuable?

By Zaroan March 13, 2014, 22:09:08
Hi, right now i am playing a straight fire sac, But i'm thinking about changing to Fire/Earth. So the real question is, does it work, and if so how do i build it?
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Short answer: it can work

Long answer: don't do it unless you honestly love both branches enough to make it work.

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Hi there. I'm Fire/Earth build. Fire/earth is very expansive build and hard to find the right item. When it comes to deal a dmg, you mostly go 99% with fire and you will only use Earth as defensive and follow the challenge and include the challenge range.

The reason why Earth is not very efficiency compare to the other branch is that the AP cost and dmg scale. The only good about Earth is Smasher . Smasher damage almost the same as scale with 2x Blood rush. Plus, most of Earth damage require a lot of Ap.

If you are truly want to go Fire/Earth , it is the best if you could achieve 12ap . Smasher - Bloodthirsty - Punishment. With Smasher, you will have coagulation to soak up some self damage that you receieve from Punishment.

Why? Punishment's self damage at 100 is -22 . Not to mention if u have 400% fire damage, you will hurt yourself very bad each time you cast a spell.

Smasher is great because it is not cost any wakfu point. You can use it entire time .

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