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fire/earth build?

By sxarthur - MEMBER - February 17, 2014, 12:28:24

should i dump all points on HP? im trying to make a tanky dmg build, trying to stay in the middle of the fight and last a bit longer, is it possible?

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Nah man, definitely stat intelligence, crit, strength, or all of the above. Personally when I did my fire/earth test run, I was unimpressed, but I did like the bulk having the earth side gave me, I didnt have room for sacrifice which was my problem.

I still hit like a truck, and had a lot more longevity, but Idk, it wasn't for me.

If I were to go at it again, I think I wouldn't stat strength, just intelligence. Maybe even as just a trial. Or like a 2:1 ratio. Dunno exactly, I just know that I like being pure fire and I do want to wear all sorts of fire gear, not just fire/earth or fire/air for that matter.

at 150 I'll consider fire/air and fire/earth again, but for now I'm appreciating my mono set.

EDIT: something I neglected to talk about

I currently run, magmog full set/turq tutu/wo zwombbit mask/zwombbit torso/amuleto for kit as I'm 134/emiw wing/rogmourne/bloodthirsty.

this gives me like, enough HP/block/resist, to have a good amount of staying power, so long as I dont go rambo style in the middle of the map without being 100% sure I can kill something threatening if I do

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