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~ Yesway's Sacrier PvP Guide! ~

By IYesWayI January 23, 2014, 10:14:12
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meku17|2014-05-05 03:49:04
Good Day Sir

I'm a pure newbie in this game. and I have no absolute idea on what I am going to do with the build and stuff.. I'm just running about and doing quest without even putting in any stats in my Ability points and skill points.

as i see in your threads you are very knowledgeable in Sacriers

I hope you can help me out sir.. because i really have no idea on what to put
on what skills should i be using on what equipment i should be wearing

hope for your fast reply sir.

thank you so much
Well what type of character do you want? Tank, Lock, DPT PvP, DPT PvM, Support? What element? What what what need more info my friend.
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Hey there,

You mentioned a hybrid fire/air Sac being the best choice for pvp, I was wondering which skills I should combo for a hybrid and where should I put stats. I'm really at a loss for placing stat points the most.

Thanks, Roze.
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Hello, Yesway. Nice to meet you

First of all:
- I always loved Sacrier's classes while I played Dofus- I don't play Dofus or Wakfu since july 2013.
- I never get fit with Wakfu Sacrier
- My high leveled Sacrier was one hybrid of water/earth on Dofus 2.0 in level 67.
- I already read previously infos that was posted in your topic and that was useful

My current problems with Wakfu Sacrier:
- As I'm a brazilian and not a good english student some of informations that I read in Sacrier's topics confuse me.
- With Wakfu Abilities I'm in doubt: should I stay putting points ONLY and just in Health? (That could be some idiot question but I want to be sure. Wakfu and Dofus are Ankama's games but different games after all and I don't want to waste time with trivialities)

My current problems in-game:
- I still don't understand all game aspects
- I was never good to understood about 'what item I should use for X in Y lvl', that's always been my weak point because I couldn't improve AP or MP in all. If you could help me I will be thankful.
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meku17|2014-05-05 03:49:04
You are allowed to reallocate your points once a month after reaching lv 30, so feel free to fiddle around.

I went for a tanky/dmg sacrier. I maxed out Moribound first and then Angrr. Then I just fully loaded all my points into HP. I don't pvp, so so far grinding monster has been pretty fine with way it is.

I usually reject tattoo targets into walls or punishment/smasher
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I'm am earth-fire sac i was wondering if this was any good at pvp cause many forums about fire and air but none about fire-earth (i have no experience with high level pvp).

- stats i know i want 1 mp 1 ap but i don't know if i should put the rest into crit or block
- im wondering if i will get kited easily my solution is attraction but in pvp i think pandawa barrels and sram clones and other things will get in the way and air cant be used cause needs level to increase range
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Hey! I have decided to adventure into the world of PvP biggrin I just started scarier quite recently and am level 72. I am fire/earth, until respec anyway, and have a problem. Earth/air iop. Every time I face them I always seem to die within seconds. How can I overpower them? Also tri build sram. Damn that invis! Thanks in advance!
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Sorry to break it to you but Yesway quit wakfu almost a full year ago.

As Iop and Sram Scale really nicely at the early game it a hard match up for you at your current level. This will change drastically as you develop your character more.

General advice:

Advice for Iop, Make them spend mp.

Advice for Sram, protect your back and learn to count mp for more accurate predictions on invis turns.
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hey i am a tri sacrier i use all elements i want to be a good pvp player so i wanted to know where to put my points to increase my damage and which gear is good for a lvl 130 sac and spells and few good combos to deal good damage
smilehope u answer soonsmile 
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deepakmarbal|2016-12-03 16:55:39
hey i am a tri sacrier i use all elements i want to be a good pvp player so i wanted to know where to put my points to increase my damage and which gear is good for a lvl 130 sac and spells and few good combos to deal good damage
smilehope u answer soonsmile
As Delaz mentioned a year ago, the OP of the thread have left the game so he will probably not answer you.

But generally as tri sacrier you should focus on single target mastery or elemental mastery, with the latter being easier around your lvl due to sage set. Why single target mastery or elemental mastery you might ask, well its mostly because you want to be effective at all ranges, and most sacrier spells use single target mastery. You can also go close combat tri sacrier, here you will generally stat points into close combat mastery and try to acquire gear that give close combat mastery.

For spell rotations you can use a wide variety of combinations due to you being tri elemental, i will list some combos for a 12 ap sacrier:
1: Cage of blood -> Sacrier fist -> Smash (can also do sacrier fist first, and then cage of blood last so cage of blood benefits the most out of the transcendence gains)

2: Burning blood -> Cage of blood -> motion sickness(not really necessary if you dont have space for it in your spell deck) + light speed(remember to use this to run away, also preferably far away so that the opponent can't reach you thus letting you have a "free" turn) or rocky foot/blood rush

3: Rocky foot x4 or Blood rush x4(although not recommended since flaming doesn't stack, you could get a crit which will increase your flaming though)

4: Rocky foot x2 -> Smash

5: Blood rush -> Rocky foot -> Smash (you could do Rocky foot x2 instead of Smash)

6: Spiritual tempest x3 (can also cast spiritual tempest on the opponent x2 then use the last one on yourself, this will deal massive damage given that you got 100 transcendence)

7: Motion sickness -> Assault x3 -> Attraction -> Light speed -> Attraction

8: Fury + Punishment -> Smash (Here its important to note if you got less hp than your opponent then you should start with Fury + Punishment combo due to punishment doing 20% more damage to people who got more hp than you, but if you dont have less hp than your opponent then you could use Smash first to generate shields and transcendence then Fury + Punishment)

9: Motion sickness -> Light speed(to get behind the opponent) -> Attraction(use this if needed, also more damage due to motion sickness effect) -> Punishment(given that you got hp below 50%)

I hope this helped you smile
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