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By Keith90002 November 26, 2013, 20:30:46
Ive been having this problem a lot lately. Im a fire sacrier with maxed clinging to life passive spell, there are 2 things that go wrong with it. 1: I was on wabbit island and with an iop, we were fighting a black wabbit name slips me now (the one that summons another small one at start) well we were fighting it had below 400 hp left and it crated a 800 and killed me. Then me thinking with clinging to life i could punishment after and get it over and done with but i died instantly clinging to life took no effect when enemy killed me.

2nd thing is, i was fighting it again later on and i was really low on hp it wasn't had like 900 left and i used punishment and killed my self in da process but i was revived from clinging to life and then used punishment again which did 1200 damage.

so its like a malfunction or what because its working the opposite way round quite weird.

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Clinging now works a bit differently , if u do a suicide attack and get urself killed, it will trigger clinging
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In the first instance, that was a bug. Due to a glitch, monsters summoned that aren't treated like summoned monsters bypass cling when they kill you.

E.g. When you kill the first form of Jelly Emperor, if his second smaller form kills you, you won't cling because he was summoned from his first larger form.

Another example is the Black Twiwabbits summoned by the Black Wo Wabbits. They are summoned, but aren't treated like summoned monsters. Cling will not go off if they kill you.

I believe this is also the case for the second form of Black Crow as it has happened to me twice.

A good way to get around this is if you kill yourself instead, it will count.
This is easily done if you are resurrected, having cling already failed, your hp will be at one; you can punish, killing yourself, triggering cling (since it can go off once per fight and it failed the first time), letting you punish again.

I already reported this bug but feel free to report it as well for increased awareness. o/
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