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To all sacriers we need a revamp

By Keith90002 November 24, 2013, 22:16:08
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@DarkNoticalX As a level 100 Air Sacrier who worked his way there through both patches I can understand your frustration, but I've not had any problem working my way up through the levels doing my thing. I feel that perhaps taking the WP requirement off of Light Speed would be nice as the other two Sacrier 'ultis' don't require it, but beyond that I think Air Sacrier is just as strong as it needs to be.
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I think personal experiances cannot be used as perspective for whether or not they deserve a buff. I think the math needs to be done. After the math is done, it should be clear what needs buffed.
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One thing that i can say for a fact is that coagulation and motion sickness don't synergize with each other or with any of the fire spells. This has to be changed.
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CloudyMind|2014-01-08 17:20:56
One thing that i can say for a fact is that coagulation and motion sickness don't synergize with each other or with any of the fire spells. This has to be changed.
Wait what?

Coag = earth bonus. You're complaining that it doesnt synergize with air or fire spells? O_o

It works with earth spells as well as two Sacrier general abilities. Seems great to me.
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I wouldn't mind them taking a look. Fire sacs seem to be showing signs of lagging behind. I find myself skipping turns or getting in the way of ranged DDs more and more. It's not that sac is really underpowered. It's that new mob mechanics are effecting the usefullness of a straight DD sac. And it's becoming a struggle to stay in a position to use punishment effectively. Without that a fire sac is an average DD at best. Average is probably being kind unless you can do 4 blood rush per turn.

I think fire sac will continue to slowly fade as DD option as mob mechanics continue to evolve. Other classes get back hits easier, escape easier, can close easier (many mobs can stabilize now), get their dmg bonus easier, don't have their best spells angrrr locked, don't dmg themselves 200+ hp per turn and they can reach mobs without compromising los for other DDs or falling prey to all the new anti CC mechanics Ankama is adding to mobs.

UBs factor in too.

I know other classes are more deserving of a revamp at this moment but I wouldn't mind if Ankama gave the sac a little something extra. Fire sac in particular.
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sacs sooo do not needa frevamp...
my sac is a fire/air sac

an air sac has amazing battlefield control
fire sacs pump out the damage (though I might say just get rid of fire might be good against....a xelor maybe?)
maybe its because I have air sac powers that I see it as useless...
you just cant escape an air sac or an earth sac....

really sacs feel like they were meant to be crossed...

I mean ive never tried a fire earth combination...but knowing the spells, I can imagine it is beyond deadly (well sacs in general are beyond deadly haha!)

sacs also seem to function better (for me anyways) when there are more enemies, i mean earth has good area of effect spells, air can travel between enemies, bring them all together push them away, whatever they want because has explosion nuff said (seriously its my highest level spell at all times XD)
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Only thing that needs to change about sacs are their specialties. Moribund and Angrr are essentially the same ability, as are life transfer and sacrifice.

As far as PvP goes I absolutely destroy everyone as air/fire or air/earth. Fully runed relic air/earth rogues, air/fire xelors, and air/earth iops can cause problems though.

PvE you have to have earth, lock, and be support to be NECESSARY. Its just how sacs were meant to be played. Doesnt mean being a DPT cant work.
Score : 191 they are not the same ability...
mouribund adds even more damage AND lock once your life gets to a certain low.
Angrr adds damage the more hurt you are, no matter how little it is. and it adds no lock (LOCK is really good for fire due to its limited range, and used alot by earth because earth locks.)

and life transfer and sacrifice? Yes both add the sacrifice stat, but sacrifice adds more for more enemies, and life transfer GIVES life to an ally, which can be handy since it hurts the Sac giving life (I sometimes use it just so I can have more damage)

Earth isnt the required sac for pve...any build can be built for pve because sacs are strait up boss, and very flexible.
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In my opinion, they definitly need one. Not because they might or might not be powerful, but because I do think they are loaded with what I consider to be unimaginative game-design.

The Earth tree has a way too simplistic mechanic (Coagulation), going as far as to have two spells be almost carbon copies of each other, one just being slightly upscaled. There's hardly any thinking involved in what kind of spells you want to use, as your goal is to just accumulate the most Coag. per turn as possible 90% of the time.

And while some of the utilities and spells might not be 'exactly' the same, they're still too similar for my personal liking - merge some things better and open up more diversity and additional interesting playstyles in the Sacrier.
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VoidSettler|2014-03-03 19:38:17
There's hardly any thinking involved in what kind of spells you want to use, as your goal is to just accumulate the most Coag. per turn as possible 90% of the time.

Agreed, and this is what led me to deleting my earth sac. She could absorb damage like a black hole but she only used one attack 90% of the time and once she lost 25% of her HP (if that even happened) she used another attack 100% of the time. It was quite dull, especially considering the damage output of fire sacs and movement of air sacs. I love the creativity of Dofus/Wakfu's classes. You don't have warrior/thief/mage setups like other MMOs, you have original characters including a race of cat people that use fleas and dice to kill people and drunk pandas who hurl barrels of milk around like Rock Lee at a kegger party.

Sacs are pretty decent right now, but the earth line needs a little more creativity involved.
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Oh BOY! This thread!!

Hi, Hatespawn here, level 141 Fire Sacrier. I've played Fire/Air, Earth/Air, Fire/Earth, Tribrid, Mono Earth, and Mono Air, along with obviously mono Fire. I also dabbled in Water for like a week. Please assume that when I say something it's from experience.

Now, as a Sacrier who has nothing better to do aside from hit things for three thousand, I often consider going another branch, because Fire is literally the worst. Yeah, Fire Sacrier is the worst branch.The other two are so much better.

Earth Sacrier - The almighty, damage sucking vacuum that we all use to lock shit down.

Over in PvE land, where bosses will do 600-2000 damage to you for starting their turn next to you, nothing helps like having someone who can not only pull the boss to him, but keep him from moving back to you and ruining your day. If that wasn't good enough, the existance of Coagulation allows you to absorb damage, and the existance of GREAT block/resist/lock earth sets (Dragon Pig, I'm looking at you) allow you to keep, honestly, passable damage in PvE, slightly below average damage in PvP, and still nothing to bosses because yeah. All the while, you are still taking hits like a champ and only needing heals about 8 turns into the fight. This is the least dynamic branch, but it is the best branch for PvE. You need a lock tank for 7-8? bosses. And nothing gets the job done like our favorite Earth Sacrier.

Air Sacrier - What even is movement? Is that just that thing they throw all over the place?

Over in PvP land, where melee classes do 2000-4000 damage, and long range classes do 1500-3000 damage, it really helps to be able to actually just be wherever you feel like. I have no words for how well Air Sacrier can handle anything in 1v1 except for iop, and even that needs to blow 3 of its Wakfu Points to jump to you, or crush 5 of its AP to come to you with Super Iop Punch. Meanwhile in being an air sac land, your health bar is ridiculous, your resistances are ridiculous, your block is ridiculous, and, believe it or not, your DAMAGE is ridiculous. Have any of you bothered to do the math on it? At 9 ap vs 10 ap, its only slightly lower than the base damage on Fire Sacriers; with the added benefit of throwing the opponent wherever the fuck you feel like, along with not hurting yourself. I want someone to do this. I want you guys to know the pain of being tormented by an Air Sacrier, one of the few classes which you will almost never be able to hit with Punishment. The best branch for PvP.

Fire Sacrier - The only way this class could be more badass is if Punishment actually ripped the opponent's heart out.

Warrior, monster, god, berserker, Fire Sacrier. The epitome of offense. Only a few things can compare to the raw, staggering force of Punishment. At level 200, we're looking at a critical base damage of 414. That's the entire level 120 air Iop damage rotation, if I'm not mistaken. The branch's spells are Punishment, and then four spells to make Punishment work even better, along with 5 actives, four of which help punishment, and 5 passives, again, 4 of which are tailored to using Punishment. The only spells that come close are Hot Magma and Execution. The former of which destroys your mines, the latter removes all your hemmorage (though it does replace it with final damage, which is well worth it). Bloodthirsty Fury gets an honorable mention as well, for having the best damage/AP of any spell that a sacrier can use. Crit backstabs can hit 700, even 800 if you're low enough, and then you can follow it up with a crit backstab punishment for 3000.... Or... 1200... It depends on if you blew away the opponent's HP with fury, to the point where the Punishment base damage is calculated with the notably lower number, which cuts the damage by about 1/3rd. Burning Blood gets another honorable mention, for existing as a slightly weaker punishment that hits Four targets. Last honorable mention goes to Cage of Blood, for making Punishment almost impossible to evade (Damn Srams..). The problem is we're doing so much damage to ourselves (for me about 250/turn with Punishment) that it's a lot easier to blow us up. Fortunately we have blood pact and cling on our side, but that doesn't last forever what with Air Iops existing. The other problem I find is in dungeons, I'll blow maybe 3-5 WP just crushing the add ons, and then when the time to hit the boss comes around, all I have is one, measly punishment left. Not to mention, Blood rush is a pitifully weak spell. It's just so bad, at 17 per AP @lv 143 for me.. I can't get enough use from it. I'm working toward 12 AP eventually, which will be a nice change, finally getting to use the superior spell. Untill then, I just have to tough it out.

Sacriers need a revamp because they don't scale and the whole system is broken. A fire sac could stat lock and intelligence, dump like all the air XP into Rocky Foot and Crackrock Blow, wear a satisfaction ring or Gelano in the boss room, then effectively pin the boss down with lock/resist gear. Alternatively, an Air Sacrier can wear Wa set, throw a ton of XP into Punishment, and literally just blow someone up, because it can. Meanwhile in sub level 100 land, Fire Sacriers can't keep up because they're killing themselves, Air Sacriers can't keep up because their spells are so low range, and Earth Sacriers cant keep up because their gear doesn't have enough HP/Resistance to mitigate damage. Sacrier is a very broken class, in good and bad ways, and needs to be revisited. Sramcomesfirsttho.
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The problem with Sacri is that our melee damage output is BARELY better than that of range and aoe classes such as rogues, iops, and xelors. In some cases these classes can even do more aoe/range then we can burst on a single target. Its ludicrous. The only redeeming factor for us is our HP, Cling, and Map control. I have it on very good faith that Ankama IS aware of this and of the overall imba. The problem is Troyle is basically the ONLY person working on balance in wakfu. Everyone is focused on pushing out content. This means even though they agree and are indeed aware of the problem nothing will be done for quite awhile. Sorry to be the barer of bad news, but it is what it is.
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earth sac are inferior to earth fecas now. fecas have more res,more sheild, more block, essential everything besides the health making it a weaker version of it.
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