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To all sacriers we need a revamp

By Keith90002 November 24, 2013, 22:16:08
All the other classes are getting buffed up and become incredible. while the sacrier are slowly and definitely becoming weaker. for instance the sacrier class has a hard time fighting against a iop that has block. for instance also i feel that the sadida have an unlimited amount of dolls is preposterous because osa can only summon up to a limit i think osa and sadida show have an equal amount.

Back to subject the sacrier needs a revamp ankama and u know they do .

(ps: if possible try and put in with feca revamp if possible)
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I have to disagree, sacs are pretty balanced and or slightly broken. I assume you are referring on 1v1 pvp. Each class has its own weaknesses and strengths. If you cant beat a class, try a different strategy.

I believe sacriers have been revamped twice, and as far as I know, sacriers were pretty OP and broken before those revamps. Even today, after devs implemented to trigger cling during a suicide attack.
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Suck it up.

Signed - a Saddida player.
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Sacs are fine, Feca's and others deserve a revamp more.
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as a level 130 sacrier whos played all types of sac, we do not need a revamp, everyone else is only just getting on the same level as us.. im gunna admit sacs are damn beasts, other classes need a revamp much more than us, i dont even see a single need of a revamp.. ._.''


as a level 130 sacrier whos played all types of sac, we do not need a revamp, everyone else is only just getting on the same level as us.. im gunna admit sacs are damn beasts, other classes need a revamp much more than us, i dont even see a single need of a revamp.. ._.''

decided to add some examples;
- im pretty poor so i cant afford the most amazing gear for my chars, yet while i was fire at level 110, i fought my friend also around 110, he was a earth iop, im low hp in the fight and turn around and crit punish him for 2,011 and stop him in his tracks there and then.

-At polars as a tank sac with fairly sexy resists and 380 lock and 65% block, casually tanking 4 polars for 5-6 turns without the slightest need of heals, only to let my teammates have a nice time working on one at a time.

Still need reasons for a revamp?

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Between this thread and that thread, you sure seem to be feeling the entitlement lately.

I would have to agree: my Sac feels fine. Not feeling any imbalance here.
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If u were refering to me i was being sarcastic but im guessing u meant the OP as he started both threads, but yeah i dont really see the point in all these demands for revamps and resets, if u want one that badly pay the ogrines for one.. or farm the mats ._.''
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yeah, it was about OP smile

You and I, we agree.
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I like you, let us frolic off into the sunset with our sacs c:
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I don't really feel that fire sacs are under or overpowered right now.

Punishment is great~
Their attacks outside of punishment are average. BB has pretty good potential but some times waiting for their turn for the rest of the dmg can be iffy. u w u;

Melee can be rough sometimes, especially with stabilizing becoming more and more staple in high end content, but we are typically fairly tanky and can potentially be top tier dpt with punishment so you get a lot from being melee. ohmy

Being able to life transfer and/or sac can save people too in rough situations.
I think by the time level 200 comes about, we will need a revamp just as everyone likely will, but right now we are in a good spot to be. Messing with the formula now could bring more bad than good. :x
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Being able to life transfer and/or sac can save people too in rough situations.

I almost never LT/Sac, but when I do I feel like THA MAN! /o/

My wife hates my Transpo though. "That was my spot!", she'd yell wink
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Not withstanding endgame, or past level 100 sacs, because I don't know much about the statistics of that.

personally as a level 71 pure Air sac I'm seriously in a rut in terms of being useful. In any situation.
Looking at Fire/earth sacs around the same level as I am, I'm completely useless in terms of damage dealing, tanking, or even being helpful.

I mean yes. Fire sacriers are meant to do more damage. Understandable. Earth Sacriers? Meant for tanking, ergo less damage but fuckton of res and health oriented skills. Fair enough. Air sacriers as far as my build and other threads I've looked up goes, is meant for versatility. Meaning, it should be able to do at least decent damage, and position the battlefield as it was meant to, while dealing damage. Right?


Either I move team mates and enemies around and lose my turn, (If I do cast MS to at least try damage the enemy while making it more convenient for my team mates to kill it,) and do about 50-60 damage if I'm lucky. At MS level 69. Even using other skills, like using Attract + Rejectattoo + Rejectattoo, I still don't pull more than 100 - 130 damage. Now, this is with equipment giving me 200% damage give or take considering enemy res.

Alternatively, I can just use all my abilities to try and damage enemies while positioning myself, okay. Lets say I use my standard combo of either MS + Assault + Assault, which results in about 210 - 320 damage per turn. Or, I can try and not remain locked to an enemy and use MS + Rejectattoo + Assault, which does about 200 - 270 damage.

Comparing that to any other class or sub branch of any element (maybe not water enis) it's a pretty pathetic damage output.

But myself, as an air sac am feeling more and more useless at every fight and every situation. I guess its okay that I deal about 250-400 damage per turn if I manage to position myself right and pull off a few crits, but otherwise my average damage falls waaay past what other sacs do.

Lets take for example, MS that air sacriers have. Its a neat little skill costs 1ap and 1mp to use, at skill lvl 69, I do about 50~ damage without surplus from Angrr or Mori.

Comparing that, to the Fire Sacrier's 1ap 1mp skill Bloodthirsty fury, with my current skill level on it being 45 or other, it deals about the same or more, so about 45 - 70.

That's 34 level difference, and without any equipment dmg bonuses to the fire skill.

I can't stress enough how frustratingly WEAK air sacriers seem at this point to me. For christ sake I can't solo a group of more than 2 treechnids without dying, and even then with the 2 treechs, I come out of the fight with about 200/1012 hp.

I could go further and compare it to other classes, who are
1. Lower level, but are far more deadly or useful than I,
2. More versatile
3. More efficient
but at this stage, there is no point.

If that's not saddening as an air sac, then I don't know what is. I'm sorry for ranting like this, but I really feel air sacriers need SOMETHING done to it, (And for gods sake not another nerf.)

And if anyone. And I mean anyone. Could just offer me an explanation, advice, anything. I would really appreciate it.

- An air sac considering converting to a full time farmer/baker and quit fighting as a sacrier
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I agree.

Sac problems:

1) PvP- on higher lvls, all classes have some cheap escape spells. It's pain in the *** to get closer to enemy, but if you eventually do- they escaping. They nerfed clining (btw in some cases it's still bugged and not working) so you have only 4 mp left at the end. If your opponent is not an idiot, he can easily escape for this.

2)Single target - e.g. iops and ecas can do more dmg in fight becouse of aoe. Much more.

3) Angrr- need some revamp, since hp is going down faster atm, it's harder to keep decent angrrr and not be killed. What I mean is - if you played e.g. on sadida with 2500 hp and wolf took you like 200-400 hp per turn, you could just go down till 1000 (when you strong) and keep that way a couple of turns to kill him/them. Now, on higher mobs if you go to 1000 hp (to have good angrr) you can stay in that state like 1-2 turn so damage during the fight is not that good.
And let's compare this to iops...

4) Swap - since it has no los now, this spell should be cheaper - 2 ap. It would make sacs more interesting, if you had 4-5 position moves (even with los only) and not only 3.

5) Cage of Blood - too less dmg to be usefull, bad ap price
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lol sacr need only one thing to change - kill all Iops_brame_who_play_sacriers and think that thay need respec
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If you main complaint is that Mono-Tree Sacriers aren't as potent late game then you are being rather ignorant.

The current state of game is optimization not raw lock'm sock'm. You have to utilize your full kit in order to be effective in a given combat situation and you need to make use of the potent 'multi-potential' of the Sacrier in order to do that.

Even a bit of Earth will give you the Res you need to survive with Anggr up.

A bit of Air and you'll be able to make attraction a much better distance closer thanks to motion sickness- or even light speed.

Punishment is good across the board, use it.

There are so many good things in each tree that not utilizing them to some degree makes a bad player obvious. Now I'm still in a mono build myself, but as I get to these stronger enemies I realize I may need to change up my strat because I'm taking too much damage doing what I'm doing- it's things like this that allow for much more variety in the combat you actively see.
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I agree on the revamp. Air sacriers are too weak and can't use their spells to their fulest potential in tight spaces. Fire sacriers hurt themselves too much and need to be nearly dead to deal decent damage. Earth sacriers are the only real choice in my opinion, but there isn't any tanking gear for level 120+ except from 3 magic cawwot pieces at 141. I am a level 113 earth sacrier and i feel like my character has no future. We need more viable options.
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Sacriers are great as they are and they dont need revamp to be good, when they are one of the best now and all others claim that sacriers are overpowered. However sacrier could use some revamp to make its gameplay more interesting. I did some suggestion for that, but you have to search for it if you are curious.

As for problem with mp after coagulation - just use cage of blood in previous turn.

p.s. melee characters got huge adventage over ranged ones wich is called lock. The ranged class need to waste some spell, even cheap one (but its still some ap or even wp wasted), just to be able to use their ranged spells and for some reason ankama made the melee spells stronger then ranged, wich turns out to make ranged class in the even worse situation. If it will simply dodge, then you will get back to it on the next turn and it will have to dodge again or loose whole turn from lock - thats not quite balanced, dont you think? I suggest you to play other class - ranged one, and then maybe you will have different point of view.

And the more summons the easier it is to use transposition to get to the summoner. Sadidas are at disadventage vs sacriers and i have yet to see sacrier loosing to sadida in high level pvp.
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I'm going to agree with the post above this, Sacs are fine- I'd just like to see their base stance changed from the Osmo. But yah, I think we are doing fine as is in the Sacrier department and if you are feeling that UP, you should check out some other classes. I mean you have 5 character slots.
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I think that earth sac is beautiful perfection from the heavens, a gift from the gods to the wakfu kind.
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Going to point this out, but the game is not just about 100+ level characters. It feels like a lot of the people yelling "SACS ARE FINE PFTT" are looking at endgame play only. Air Sacs need some love inbetween levels. They are weak in terms of damage, defense, and skill play in any fight their own level. Personally I believe they need to look at classes based on their element, not just the class. People want to have fun, not just power level to 100 and play maxi-builds. Personaly I love the concept of Air Sacs and I will continue to play mine, but it does not change the fact they need a big re-work. They have needed a big re-work ever since they touched them last.
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