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So about Sacrier's battle stance

By Bulbasheep October 17, 2013, 21:08:32
What happened to it? I remember being shown that before Sacs had a really cool battle stance but then it's been removed. Now they share the exact same stance as Osas, making them (and/or the Osas) the only class without a unique stance. D;

Does anyone know exactly why it's been removed? :c
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I remember it being the same way back in March. I wonder when they changed it cuz I have no idea what it was like.
If I remember correctly, they changed it during/after the beta or around that time.
If I remember correctly dofus arena still has the old wakfu sacrier animations
I really wish they would have kept it
Ooh so it's like the artwork.
Yeah, it's super cool. I wanna know why it got removed or if Sacs are ever gonna get a new stance or something. Too flashy/noticeable? Though Enis fly and Enus toss coins. so idek
Not only the stance. They also removed the animation of blood hands for everyone but the sarcrier itself to see. Now it only shows buffs windows. -1 to epicness. Next step is to remove the animation of Empower or Downpower
Pleaaase, bring this back. We are not Osamodas.
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