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A good idea for xelors Dial spell

By Lilscooby December 05, 2012, 01:37:32

Just throwing it out, i was thinking if xelors replace their Dial spell with small teleporting beacons dials, (i would say small little summoned robots) . They Can be placed anywhere, and can teleport xelor anywhere. Since Xelor punisment has quite the range, might as well right? This would really help out Xelor with their judged range & help them out. Also the Dark ray spell would be helpful in replacing Temporal Burn. just so they can have a long range linear attacking spell. Like i said this is just a suggestion. But would be nice if it would take effect on the next update.

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It would be a better idea to put this in suggestions

I like the idea because It would give more use to the xelor's +mechanics other than just summons that will die after a turn or two. But I think it would be better if instead of this we were just able to use each other's dials.

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