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Are Water Xelors bad?

By RenRenKay February 13, 2012, 01:53:50

It doesn't seem like they do a lot of damage and it seems like a better idea to just go with fire.

Removing AP is cool but is it useful at later levels?

Because the low damage doesn't seem to be.

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Sadly, Water Damage is dependent on Aging and Temporal Waves, and the Tock State. or was it, whichever the Blue one is.

On Tock turns, If you use Aging, it makes Water spells deal extra damage per AP stolen.

Aging and Temporal Waves should be merged as a Support Spell, imo. It's too essential to pretty much every type of Xelor to reside in an Element line.

but thats a different discussion for a different thread....found here: _Click here 

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I have a level 48 water Xelor and I can tell you the damage ramps up around 35. AP removal is defiantly worth it if you understand that you need to drain as many enemies as you can in group fights - don't just keep hammering the same guy and expecting to be as useful as you could be. However, with the appropriate skills you can still remove a lot of AP even from an enemy with a lot of hyperaction built up.

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