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Xelor & PVP Viability

By Bazuso January 14, 2012, 13:28:47

The primary hindrance to a Xelor's PVP capability is the dial. I can be pushed off of it, it can be attacked, it can randomly break for no reason, and it costs 2 WP (say goodbye to Devotion unless you're okay with only two dials per fight). In a group PVP encounter, having only three dials per fight is unacceptable considering the length of the engagements and the fragility of the dial...

So how does a Xelor adapt and overcome?

Is it viable to not throw down your dials as soon as you can, perhaps maneuvering into position for a round or two of AP stealing first, then once the rest of your team gets into position and maybe locks an enemy or two, throw down the dial and start burning people up? I am a Fire Xelor, but if I have to level water spells to make complete use of myself in PVP, I don't mind.

Thanks for reading smile

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I've been kind of chewing on the issues with the dial for PVP. I think that, in the end, the reason the dial provides such incredible bonuses is because it is simply bad against enemies that think.

I think that a pure fire build is perfectly fine, although it seems like the Xelor's passives are geared towards forcing them into the water tree. In the end, Aging + Temporal Burn deals decent damage, and Rollback is a wonderful buff for it. In a PVP situation, the Initiative debuff can come into play, as well, keeping enemies from taking the bonuses that they may want.

Even without the dial, you have a lot of good places to use your WP. Devotion is fantastic, but the real winner in PVP is Mummification. Can you think of another move that deals the same damage as an Iop (using an Iop, of course) for the cost of a single WP?

Short answer: I think the Xelor are suitable for PVP play, but mostly as a support class.

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I think they are great for pvp, especially in groups, just no one knows how to use them well.

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