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Guide: Xelor Water/Air branch

By girbletina August 02, 2012, 02:22:53
Air and water Xelor guide
Version 1.2
This build HAS been tested and works great
Deals more damage then water and fire Xelors (After update)
IGN: Rushu
Approved by the ShuShu king.

>1.0 Attribution points
>1.1 Support spell points
>1.2 Spells
>1.3 Equipment

Why Water/Air?
The Water/Air branch deal damage whilst reducing AP, escaping and reducing hyperaction thus granting this build a effective role. This build is better at PvP then the Water build alone, so if you want to PvP- this is the right build.

-Upcoming high level sets provide excellent multi branchthus making
Single branch builds less effective at high levels.
-2 Branches is excellent since you obtain resistance fromboth branches!
-When cap level increases, multi-branch builds will prove much more effective then single branch.
-Can reduce AP; reduce Hyperaction and dealing decent damagemore effective than the chance build alone.

1.0>Attribution points:

Priority 1: 1 AP
Priority 2: 35-100 inAgility
Priority 3: 1 Range(Optional)
Priority 4: Now you can put points into whatever you feellike you need more of
Best suggestions ( AP, Critical, HP, Agility)
1.1>Support spells points:

1- level Temporal wave to level 1

2- Level Xelor's dial to 6

3- Level Master of time to 10

4- Max Xelor's Dial- +50% damage and +50% chance to remove AP.

5- Max Temporal wave (If you use aging quite so often)- +24% chance to remove AP and +20% to remove another AP.

6- Max Master of time - For +20% chance to remove AP and more initiative so you are more likely to start first.

7- Max Temporal wave (Now you really need it)

8-Max Time theft- Good for combos.

9-Max Temporal amour- Excellent in those long fights.

10-Max Rollback- Better combo! This is not as effective as time theft/ temporal Armour.

(You can't max all of them, so choose the ones you think you need 1- For vital and 10- for optional)

~~~Now spend points on what you think you need most~~~


Now more to the question, what spells to level up?
First of all if you level up the chance branch, you will deal slightly more damage and more likely to reduce AP meaning more damage via Aging and if you level up the Air branch, you will deal more damage.

What you need to do is slightly increase the air branch more then the water branch, but don't worry, if you feel like you need more AP removal chance, I suggest you put some points into willpower (No more then 5).

This what I recommend you do:
1- Should be the top level ( 70-90)
9-Should be around level 40-55~

2-Xelor's punishment
4-Xelor's hourglass
6- Temporal Distortion
8-Tempus Fugit

Spell combo suggestions:

====6AP==== (Rollback or if you have more AP)

Combo 1 (AP reduction+ Damage)-Aging, Xelor's hourglass,Xelor's hourglass, Slowdown, (Xelor's hourglass), (Xelor' hourglass).

Combo 2 (Hyperaction reduction+ low damage)-6 AP: Temporal distortion, Temporal distortion, Tempelor distortion,(Temporal Distortion), (Temporal distortion) (To reduce Hyperaction)

Combo 3 (Hyperaction reduction+ Medium damage) - Aging,Xelor's punishment,( Temporal distortion). (Slowdown) (best if you summoned Sinistrios)

PvP/ PvE fight:

Turn 1: (TICK)

Summon Dial and:
Or summon 1-2 Sinistrios
Aging, Xelor's punishment, Xelor's punishment
(Combo 2 if enemy's Hyperaction is too high- 100~ )
Turn 2: (Tock):

Combo 1 (If you didn't do so last turn)

If your enemy is still too far, just summon Sinistrios and dump rest of your points into Dial via Timekeeper

Aging, Xelor's sandglass, Xelor's sandglass, slowdown,(Xelor's sandglass),

Rinse and repeat

However, you might use other spells according to fight conditions and your stats.

Other spells to take into account:

Frostbite: Deals good damage and better chance to rape AP then Xelor's hourglass but Xelor's hourglass is better when in groups)

Tempus fugit
: When locked on a hour cell , use)

Underhand: For positioning

(Links lead to Wakfu wiki pages of these items)

Recommended Makabra weapons:


-Makabra Hand


LVL 1-5

Wodent set

LVL 6-9

Purple piwi set

And Wodent top(Breastplate), Wodent Ring (Ring) x2, Wodent Amulet(Necklace).

(I skipped Purple Googoo set because Tofu set is so much better, but if you are F2P at the minute, I suggest you get Purple googoo set+ Purple piwi set.

LVL 10-29 ( I will try other combinations knowing this is a huge jump)

Tofu set

LVL 30-34

Strawcrow set (Cloak, helmet, epualettes, belt)-Full

Fake shadofang (Ring) x2

Blibli boots (Boots)

Tofu breastplate (Breastplate)

LVL 34-41

Royal tofu set

Shadofang ring (Ring) x2

Tofu breastplate (Breastplate)

LVL 42

Royal blibli set

Cloudy boots/ Bum boots

Pacific belt


cloudy set

Royal blibli ring x2

====I will do my best to improve this guide.====
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Score : 948
Looks nice, I'm willing to try it out.
But for players that never played xelor and have no idea how to play one, like myself, points 1.0 and 1.1 seem a bit ... inaccurate, which can lead to build screw ups.
Can you be more specific about where to spend the points please?
And is it taking into consideration that elemental ability points allocation now costs 3 points instead of 2?
Still, it looks intriguing enough to make me want to build one of these.

Disregard, I'll figure it out eventually.
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Score : 46

What monsters should the air/water Xelor be fighting and at what level should they be fighting them?
Great guide though! laugh 

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Score : 948

According to my noobish experience of xelor gameplay, I'd say any mob with low MP and low air resists, so you can AP rape with relative safety, or the better option: always fight in a group.
I've been having trouble soloing gobbs, as they have a fair amount of mobility and like very much to lock you.
Haven't tried tofus, but they use hit and run tactics with high mp, and the fat ones could be dangerous.
Best to go WG and find a group to leech you ...

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Score : 308

Technically you can beat any mob if you play smart enough. From my experience it's best (and most fun) to team up with one person so all the AP you take go to your companion instead of spreading all over the group. People will love to duo with you.
Everyone loves to have ~9-11 AP per turn (or even more at higher levels) so ensure this AP supply by attacking a different mob each turn so you won't have to deal with Hyperaction that early.

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Score : 1606

Nice guide but id add time keeper its pretty much bread and butter for agi xelor (you can carry the one un used ap for next turn until you have enough for 2x-3x punishment (depends on build) or when theres no mobs on target area.

Also temporal waves i used to ignore it but i chaged my build recently and it just works wonders.. With it you can pretty much ignore the rollback in faivor of this passive.

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Score : 948

Since one can only get 520 specialty points from lvl 1 to 105, I was thinking of ignoring Temporal Armor altogether, since I'll get +1 mechanics from maka anyway, and dumping those 100 points (lvl 20 specialty) into Rollback and Timekeeper.
With max Dial, Temp Waves, Master of Time and Time Theft, it's 390 points right there, leaving 130 spare.
Timekeeper lvl 4 allows for spending 2 AP to save 1 AP for next turn, 25 points there.
Max Rollback, 100 points.
5 spare points to put anywhere.


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Score : 189

looks good

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