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Stats - range+wisdom. Equipment for Fire/Air xel.

By Venari April 01, 2012, 10:57:02
After last points reset i I decided to go to the full wisdom. I'm fire/air xelor.

My build plan was 1. range, 2. AP, 3. ~70 points spend to ini, 4. ~200 points... will be, may be intelligence, may be HP... i don't know now, will see.

But I did not spend a lot of time on the game, and assuming that the future will be a lot of discharges, at least, I've heard that ankama will introduce a new character in May. So, I took range without thinking... heh... well leastways i didn't took AP. And now, i think, how to refuse it.

So, now i wear gobball set, and i have 7 AP. And i need at least 7 AP. Cuz, if i haven't them, some my spells willn't xp (slow down every time and some aging when i use t.dust, but i use it a lot, it's my main spell), and I will be forced practice them separately, and that is too hard.

Now i think about equipment. Well, i decided, as basis, take brakmar riktus set, may be it is bad choice, tell me what would be better. On free places, i'll take, Dazzling Belt for AP, in the future I will replace it by Celestial Brooch or Dragolyre, there i'll need Silimelle's Bejeweled Wedding Ring, but I think to take it now, as once wisdom is good. Second ring Makabrakfire and i think, at least now, reject it makes no sense, cuz i don't see in game ring better that this. My weapon is makabra shovel, and i think it's best choice for fire xelor, may be axe... but i don't want wait any longer. I xp iop with shovel, then i took it back.
Which cloak and belt (after refusing Dazzling Belt) wear, i didn't think about this. If u have some advices, i will listen it.

In fact this is the first option, I am interested in its cons except that up to Celestial Brooch or at least Dragolyre, will have - 50% resists. In general, is it real? because I took things from the database, and have no idea of their availability. If all this things are hard to take, may be easier will take g.scara set, i know, it's expensive, but i'll have +1AP, without so hard berserker style.

PS: sorry for bad english^^' and thanks for answers.
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If I was building a fire/air xel, I would go for +ap sets always. I'd advice g.scara set - it is not extremly hard to get. Two parts are from easy challenge, rest can be dropped in dung or bought for dung-coins (forgot it's name).
I think that wisdom and range is good choice. Fire xel is strong even without levelling int. stat. On weapon, I would choose makabrabow, because besides ap and range, it gives +mech (but it is just me, I liked to play with hydrands in beta), and it deals fire dmg. So if someone escapes you out of range, you can use weapon attack, enhanced by your own +fire dmg%.
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