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xelor guide?

By MachMillion#8961 - MEMBER - November 26, 2022, 05:14:20

cant find any up to date info on xelor especially after nerf, pls help

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well, let's just say that some of the Xelors who can write a good enough guide are not enthusiastic about the current state of Xelor to write guides.
other reasons : no motivation to pass on information (competition to play better = monopoly on information) OR no time. 
or the player population has dwindled so we may see less guides or enthusiasts in the Xelor community. in any case, even the current guide after the revamp from a player from the spanish community.

you can ask him on discord if he will update his guide  -  Pelayus#8123


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why after nerf? 
  • Devotion they did not touch.
  • Sandglass has become a little more comfortable to use.
  • Distortion now works with Clock + Sandglass spells.
  • Some spells are cheaper but hard to spam (for example Dust).
  • Hand has not lost its unique ability to restore AP when killed.
  • Dark Bolt has become a little more powerful.
I can agree that the only unfair nerf for Hammer is because its limitation indirectly reduces the possibilities for a poison build or for removing AP but
I would say that there was a boring and lazy balance that did not fix the uniformity in the class with its current positioning + support restrictions, and also did nothing with the identity ph34r...sinistro still buff enemy 
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thanks for the reply, love your youtube content by the way 

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mellow Thanks. I hope you find something interesting for yourself in the Xelor class.Maybe in 2023 the situation will change for the better.
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