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By Kally-owo#6548 - MEMBER - November 28, 2021, 03:31:59

thinking about picking up a new class to learn and play i allready play iop,sacrier,osa,fogger,ecaflip,hupper and rouge!! im thinking about picking up maybe xelor? unsure rn tho (im open 2 any tbh) i mostly play damgeing so any suggestions

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Xelor is a pretty fun class, although take some time to get used to its mechanic. That aside Masqueraider is a solid DD or Support too.

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ohh yea lol ive seen opne of my freinds play both.....i also really like the look of sram tbh

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u like damage?
Sram (close)
Eliotrope (distance)
Masq (u choose)

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damage is good uwu i like when there are big numbers :> (tbh i thinbk like a iop in that degree)

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Look, It depends.
I don't recomend you picking this class if you have any experience with the previous version, my opinion isn't based on meta or wathever, I just think that  although it's fun to watch someone playing it, because now you can understand everything with two brain cells, the class is extremely boring to play.
If you have any experience with the old class, and are looking for something close to combo between branchs and giving Ap for allies, doesn't pick it, the class became extremely simplified and what you haved that made it fun no longer exists, your passives looks like they are working against you, just a little ones feels rewarding to pick, and he has 0 Identity that could make you get attached to him.

To give you one example: Tick and Tock are passives that  rewards you for playing specificly the way they are designed for, if you are in the right turn you will get more damage or force or will, but if you are in the wrong, you will lose damage damage or Force of will(When I say lose I'm telling in the word's term, you will get a debuff that will make you do less damage of have less Force of will, you don't just lose the bonus damage or Bonus will, you get a restriction to discourage you to play in a different way). 
The old Tick Tock never restricted you, he changes your spells effects, that's true, but it encourages you to play another way, it never restricted you, besides you could change your states in the midle of your combo to chain different effects.

You no longe have any sinergy between the branchs, wich means that your damage gameplay will be a boring repetition everytime, use fire to do damage, water to take Ap and Air to move, your summons are less useful than before, one buffs enemies and other triggers under specific condition. 
You no longer have combos between your tree branchs, and no longer have cool effects like Xelor used to have.

The Wp regeneration is probalbly the worst about the class right now, before to gain Ap you had to PLAY the game, using your Ap to get Rollback that could turn into a bonus Ap in the next turn. In the current Class, you have to SKIP turns with unused Ap to gain more Ap, because now you comvert Wp in Ap. 
The results? What before was a fast class that encourages you to be active in every turn to keep building your buffs turned into a pretty slow one compared to before, and some times you will need to skip turns with full 12 ap,  is extremely boring to play, you even have some spells that have delayed effects. Yes, because as a time mage >>>>>WAITING<<<<< is everything that the class wants(Contains sarcasm). 

Conclusion: Don't play this class if you are expecting anything like the previous one, it no longer have fun combos between branchs, no longer has precision in positioning spells, no longer can buff your allies with Ap(Because even that got nerfed), your playstyle will be extremely boring. Even if you have never played the old one I wouldn't recomomend this, i don't know imagine if the devs think the class was a sucess. If you are just trying to be competitive, and doesn't care about nothing but numbers, then try it, see if  it fits your team, the damage is higher than before. 

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i really just want somthing intresting to play lol i know a few freinds that play xelor and it looks intresting hopeing they fix it

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