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Granthese's Wacky Backstabbing Xelor Build

By Granthese#6501 - MEMBER - July 23, 2021, 22:47:26

Or how I like to call it, the "Sram with a Shotgun" build.

Ok, for starters, forget your dial. Just do like Elsa and LET IT GO! This build takes you everywhere around the map so unless you want the Dial as an anchoring point for a safe return, be creative with it!
This build is also built upon Single-Target spells, but feel free if you prefer the AoE ones, Long-ranged or Short-ranged ones, just be careful with their clunky limitations.

This build's core is formed upon 2 spells: (not counting Time Theft and Devotion because those go without saying)

  • Symmetry
  • Gear
  • (Optional) Paradox (Decent damage, same properties as Symmetry/Gear with more damage and less range)
  • (Optional) Tempus Fugit (Good for longer-range teleportations, but unless you want to or attack the enemy with Suspension, the glyph will swap you and your target again to their original location)

And 3 main passives:
  • (Optional) Knowledge of the Past - Converts 1 range to 4% Damage, leaves you permanently with 1 range set. Range buffs only add to the damage buff. (on the other hand, count yourself almost immune to range debuffs)
  • Violent Omens - deals 20% more damage on enemies located 3 - 5 cells away from you, reduces your MP by 1.
  • Deja Vu - Deals 20% more damage on target's rear, reduces your total WP by 4.
  • (Optional) Portent - Increases Range by 2 but you take 15% more Melee damage. This is a "high-risk high-reward" Situation because Portent's range buff are all consumed by Knowledge of the Past meaning you get 8% more damage at the cost of getting hurt more often if the enemy hits you square in the face, a common hazard with this mid-range high-mobility build or want to use this build by taking some distance from your target after you have his behind facing your way.

So I think by now you guys get the idea. Use Symmetry/Gear to gain access to the enemy's backside, hit it with Hand, Suspension, the Kitchen Sink and anything else convenient to your AP, elements required and situation. With this build, you will be doing a lot of teleporting across the map (hece I told you the Dial won't be much use), so be careful to not end up somewhere really stupid or putting your teammates in complicated situations. Anchor Tanks and reliable healers are easily the bread and butter of playing around this build. Remember that the moving target of Symmetry/Gear will swap locations with whatever is on the other side of his path if it isn't stabilized and Suspension stabilizes the Xelor for the turn, unabling Symmetry but not Paradox (only making the Xelor immune to it). Meaning Paradox and Symmetry can also be powerful supportive positioning tools if you happen to have convenient targets aligned with the incoming teleportation path.

If you want do the aforementioned tactic of leaving the Dial as an anchor point, just remember to add the passive Clockmaking and place the dial at the start of the fight. Or using the Dial to yeet yourself across the enemy, so I reccomend Remanence so the Dial won't block your line of sight.

Personaly, compared to my years as Xelor 1.0, this build makes me feel like I'm TRULY ALIVE! I'm moving about dealing explosive bursts of damage to where enemies least expect, risking my safety from a handy-dandy predictable Dial to zip around the map like some long-range Sram that decided to step out of the shadows with a Shotgun in hand! Considering the rear is where enemies already take more damage, combo with the range of your spells and the total damage output of Violent Omens and Deja Vu-enhanced spells means whenever you hit with Hand, Desynchronization and Suspension, you bet your enemies will feel it!
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