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Ideas for Underhand and Clock

By Granthese#6501 - MEMBER - July 21, 2021, 17:43:46

I know there’s not much hope in the horizon, but please, DO SOMETHING about these spells, its just not working at all for Xelor. Plus there is a nice synergy potential if you do the right thing. Here’s an idea:

Underhand: if cast on aligned target, push 2 cells. If cast on unaligned target, mirrors his direction.

Clock: range increased, enemy suffers an indirect damage each start of the turn. Duration is equal to the amount of APs when cast, damage increases with less turns.

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There is no better idea to bring back the old Underhand. Why did they change such a harmonious spell, I do not understand. As if the goal was to change everything, and not keep something good.
could not only push, but also place allies near dial.
Clock can be a trigger for Underhand but yes it at least need range increased
also why are you endlessly creating threads if there is already a big topic with suggestions?

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First, I don’t think they would bring the old underhand+dial interaction with so many placement spells already, as clumky as they can be.
Second: sorry about that, I got too used to forums with multiple small threads compared to Wakfu’s slower pace and bigger threads xD I’ll add this idea to the main thread.

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