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How to make Dark Bolt more predictable

By Granthese#6501 - MEMBER - June 20, 2021, 09:44:24

Currently its something like "clockwise", but that feels rather vague, as how can we define WHERE IT STARTS? So instead, why not make the Dark Bolt order (when the adjacent target is more than 1) be from the initial target to the other one who is further from the Xelor? Not only it makes it easier to guess who gets the rebound by a simple cell count, but gives you more control with your own positioning! (also giving better uses to spells like Gear and Paradox)


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Well I assumed that's how it worked, considering thr XII on the dial is always the fursthest away from you

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I remember asking for an indicator on Dark Bolt in the Discord Server but the answer was that highlighting the cell below the target that was going to receive the rebound was something hard to code, which seems to be the case for most of the AoE spells (Rogue's bombs, Eniripsa's explosions, etc).

I like the idea of giving "conditions" to determine who will get the rebound, other options would be redirecting the bolt to the target with the lowest HP in the AoE or the enemy with the lowest Fire Resistance (or, as a last option, turn it into a normal AoE spell).

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At this point, I would prefer the later. Just make it rebound to EVERYONE inside the radius like Ecaflip's dice already! Lower the damage to balance it or simply do the basic arithmetic and add up both first and rebound damage and cut in half so make it the same damage all around!

(or maybe just make it a REGULAR AoE because I kinda feel like Xelor have too many "target required" Spells that really makes it clunky when you're ONE cell short to hit the target or neet to get the bombs in Remington's dungeon. Especialy Slow Down, should be free to target any cell instead of friggin' DEVOTION!)

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