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Controlling space and knowledge of the past?

By Vilmer#7758 - MEMBER - June 17, 2021, 19:30:04

Does anyone know if the knowledge of the past passive causes the controlling space sub to work if you are stacking range? It seems like it would but I kinda want to be sure before I spend a bunch of money.

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It works, knowledge of the past reduces your range to 1, and any extra range given during combat increase % DI instead. I believe the knowledge of the past and violent omens were designed with control space in mind, because right when the xelor revamp was release the ingredient costs for control space AND ancestral energy were secretly raised as well.

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The thing is, Sublimations and Passives not often have a predictable order of activating. I tried that sublimation that gives me a bonus of res if my crit is below 10% with Foggernaut's passive that converts all crit into resistance and it didn't work at all because the sublimation would only activate before the passive.

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Good to know, thank you for the info.

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Generally they work in this order:
effects that increase stats -> effects that activate conditionally -> start of the fight effects -> effects that convert stats

This is because the conversion effects stay active during the fight, so they work like a hidden buff.

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So basicaly no, it doesn't work putting Controlling Space with Knowledge of the past, since the effect of Controlling space have a higher priority of the effect from KotP. But I do need to test it on Beta anyway.

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