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Picking up a Xelor

By Adaptability#4965 - MEMBER - May 28, 2021, 17:22:29

Starting a new squad of 3 characters and I have been looking at Xelor to be the main dps since I have never played one before. I have to say I am kind of overwhelmed by the rework. Would love to hear from people currently running a Xelor if it is still a viable single target ranged dps option and if it feels smooth to play, which is one of my main worries looking at the new passives and spells.

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Currently Xelor is quite viable as distance and ST (and with some generous amount of teamwork and elbow grease, AoE as well). With Hand, Suspension and Hamm’our being the most recomended spells.
Mobility is kept well with Tempus Fugit, Symmetry and Gear.

Passive-wise I reccomend Tock-Tick with shriveling to stack indirect damage (with Hamm’our and Desynchronization), Tick-Tock if you want to alternate heavy dmg and Shriveling stacks, Portent for the range buff, Clockmaking to secure an easy escape if you’re removed from the dial, and if you feel adventurous, Memory and Slowdown of time.

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Thank you for the helpful answer.

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At first it will feel rigid and out of place, you need to take into consideration various effects such as the Current Hour, if it is an Even/Odd turn (TickTock & TockTick), the cell from which you are attacking (Violent Omens) and most importantly you WP consumption.

Once you learn to manage the different effects of the class and some combos, everything is very smooth. Here is a guide with some tips and tricks about catching the Current Hour so you can get that sweet 30% DI: Click here

A Distance build is very viable, you can also go St/Dist if you don't like the AoE of Dark Bolt or Sandglass' delayed damage. It is a very fun class to play in my opinion.

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Xelor is a good DPS on ODD turns with Tock Tick, i played the class alot when i came back to the game, with ST/Distance build you will mostly be using Air and Fire Branches, Suspension is your best damaging spell and Hand to finish off enemies is the best option if you are acting as DPS, on Even turns just Hand 2 dying enemies reposition yourself and/or enemies with Gear and regain your WP for Tock Burst Turns do not use Distortion buff on Even turns if you have Tock Tick.

Please do NOT use Portent nor Clockmaking, its just not worth it, reducing your potential outside the current hour is garbage since you will need to move around to hit multiple enemies and being on current hour and do that impossible without infinite WP, and increasing the damage you take by 15% is just crazy as you are already squisy with no sustain, same is true for PVP.

And since i mentioned Pvp stay away from it for now Xelor will get buffs at some point (i hope) but for now its just not worth it in the top 100 of both Bonta and Brakmar there is ONE Xelor only so you get what i mean.

I recommend this deck for best damage and smooth gameplay:


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more and more people are noticing that some parts of xelor are not only weak, but also harmful to xelor. thank you for your comment. we also hope that there will be balancing and improvement of aspects of the gameplay of xelor, because now it is just "good DPS on ODD turns " 

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