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[Meme Build] This is the funniest combination i've ever seen...

By Creave-3#7955 - MEMBER - April 13, 2021, 17:54:56

Ok, hear me out:

Momentary Permutation
Slowdown of Time

I call it "Dial Tango" laugh
If anyone wants to minmax the hell out of it - feel free, share results tongue

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Why counterclockwise?

Good luck fighting in a big enought map to get clockmaking to trigger reliably when you are chucking your dial around with permutation tho.

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But that's the point, its a meme, a build for total chaos.

Counterclockwise is there for constant change of direction for current hour.

And yes, you may not even get teleported on current hour on some turns.

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To be honest, i'm just being drammatic about the whole xelor revamp situation. And i'm trying to understand why do all of the passives exist, what was the idea behind them.

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My favourite combination was giving a melee Foggernaut both Gear Amputation and Flaming Carapace. Its guarantee to have high flaming AND 8% damage buff every turn xD it feels so broken!

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I mean that's not that broken. You are basically just locking yourself into a reliable but weaker damage buff from turn one, compared to the potentially higher damage on a future turn from fully stacking High Pressure. Fogger is all about trading off between whether you want slightly higher damage on turn one but the damage doesn't get that much higher the rest of the fight, or if you want to start out weaker and then gradually build up damage to become incredibly powerful by turn 6 or so.

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